Defense that Lowers Your Opponent's Hitting Percentage

Defense that Lowers Your Opponent's Hitting Percentage
Defense that Lowers Your Opponent's Hitting Percentage
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  • Learn how to teach efficient defensive movement to ensure players are in the best position possible in time to make the play on every attack
  • Learn how to teach an "ankle ready" stance to enable defensive players to explode quickly in any direction
  • Learn how to minimize your defenders' extraneous movements that waste time and energy when making a play on the ball
with Kelly Sheffield, Wisconsin Head Coach
Led Wisconsin to National Championship Game in First Season;
coached Dayton to four straight A10 championships; 2012 AVCA Northeast Coach of the Year

Using video and on-court demonstrations, Wisconsin Head Coach Kelly Sheffield teaches coaches how to train the individual defender.

Eliminate Pre-Contact Movement on Defense
Coach Sheffield starts by showing clips of Olympic play and demonstrates how even the best defenders are often moving when the attacker hits the ball. This movement at contact keeps the defender from reacting quickly to the ball and limits range. Video examples are used to show defenders that are stopped and balanced at attack, and the positive plays that result from it.

Defensive Posture and Ankle Load
After using video to demonstrate the importance of a balanced defender at contact, Coach Sheffield uses an on-court demonstration to discuss proper posture and ankle load. Using basic training drills, he shows how a defender with good ankle load can cover plays in all directions.

Training the Defender to Read the Attacker
Again using video, Coach Sheffield shows what defenders should be looking at when the attacker prepares to hit. Using multiple attackers, the hand position that "gives away" tips and off-speed shots is shown. Coach Sheffield talks about training defenders to watch for the "give away" and react correctly to it. This ensures the earliest opportunity to be in correct defensive position to make the dig.

Develop good fundamentals in your defenders to make more plays with the techniques provided in this dynamic presentation.

Produced at the 2014 AVCA Spring clinic.

48 minutes. 2014.

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