Defending the Spread with the 3-5-3

Defending the Spread with the 3-5-3
Defending the Spread with the 3-5-3
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with Bert Williams,
Georgia Military College Head Coach

In this video, Coach Williams shares the in and outs of covering the spread offense with the 3-5-3. This defense has forced 94 turnovers over the past three seasons. Williams philosophy is keyed around three main points of emphasis: teach your players the responsibilities, find ways to apply pressure, and teach great man to man coverage. Coach Williams begins with basics assignments against twins, trips, and quads along with adjustments to motion that could put your defense at a disadvantage. Cover 3 and Cover 1 free are covered in great detail with rules and assignments for each coverage position in the 3-5-3. The final topic Coach Williams covers is disguising pressure by using five different pressure blitzes; zoo, blast, double, boom, and double dog. Game footage is included to give you a live look at the 3-5-3 in full speed. This tape is a perfect complement to Coach Williams' Basics of the 3-5-3.

58 minutes. 2004.

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