Defending the RPO With Multiple Fronts and Coverages

Defending the RPO With Multiple Fronts and Coverages
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Get the tools you need to combat and apply pressure against a spread offense!

  • Learn how to set up both a 5- and 6-man box, with complimentary coverages, to defend the RPO vs. 2x2 and 3x1 formations
  • Learn several complimentary calls that allow the defense to be aggressive, as opposed to read-and-react
  • Defend the edge of the defense with multiple adjustments from your second-level defenders

with BJ Campbell,
Montana Tech Defensive Coordinator/Linebackers Coach;
back-to-back Frontier Conference Champions (2015-16)

Under Coach Campbell's direction, the Montana Tech Defense finished in the top 25 in the nation in eight categories in 2016, including 11th in scoring defense, holding opponents to 19.2 points per game. This followed a 2015 season in which his defense finished in the top 25 nationally in seven categories. He has guided at least one linebacker to All-Conference honors in each of his six seasons as coach.

The RPO, or run pass option, is a headache for every defense. The RPO offense exploits defensive mis-alignments and reads, but can be coerced into mistakes if they misread the defense. To combat this trend, BJ Campbell gives you multiple ways to defend and defeat RPO and tempo offenses with his HAVOC defensive philosophy.

Campbell covers his base fronts and coverages, focusing on defending the 2x2 and 3x1 formations. He talks you through defensive adjustments to a mobile quarterback, the team with a great back, how to defend the bubble screen, and how to slow play the read for the quarterback on the RPO. He incorporates stunts and line movements that create various looks to create confusion for the offense.

Complimentary Defensive Calls

Using his Delta package, Coach Campbell shows you game footage on defending the RPO spread offense. He diagrams some of the complimentary calls he uses to give offensive teams different looks while being aggressive on defense. You'll learn how to:

  • Use Robber coverage as a change-up to the base cover 4 defense.
  • Use a "thief" call to bracket the inside receiver in a 2x2 set to take away quick throws to the flat.
  • Change the fronts run fits based on how the offense will try to manipulate numbers through formations and motions.
  • Use a man free coverage to keep the numbers in the defense's favor.
  • Implement the "bear" defensive front that Campbell uses against run heavy teams.

Mixing Coverages and Fronts

Campbell shares his thoughts and philosophy of defending the RPO from 3x1 formations. He diagrams fronts and coverages that he uses to give the offense a variety of looks. See how to:

  • Change the base cover 4 scheme to handle the RPO game from 3x1 sets.
  • Use several front games to change the gap responsibilities for the defensive line and linebackers.
  • Use Campbell's "lock" call that allows the defense to gain an extra defender against teams that run the ball weak out of 3x1.
  • Run some 4 and 5 man pressures to remain aggressive against teams that use RPOs.

Ultimately, Coach Campbell shows you how to be aggressive and technically sound versus the RPO. He shows you the 3-4 defense he uses in order to defend the spread offense as it continues to evolve across all levels.

81 minutes. 2017.

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