Defending the Funk: Preventing Scrambles & Winning the Crackdown Position

Defending the Funk: Preventing Scrambles & Winning the Crackdown Position
Defending the Funk: Preventing Scrambles & Winning the Crackdown Position
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Defend funk scrambles from all common leg attack situations!

  • Learn Coleman Scott's crackdown position from a high crotch - the move the earned him a pin to win the 2008 NCAA Championship
  • Discover a cross body finish from a double leg that makes it impossible for your opponent to roll you through or chest lock you
  • Learn defenses to funk defenses from the single leg, high crotch, low single, and double leg

with Coleman Scott;
University of North Carolina Head Coach;
2012 Olympic Bronze Medalist;
2008 NCAA Champion and 4x All American at Oklahoma State; 2x USA Junior Freestyle National Champion; 3x-time Pennsylvania HS State Champion

Funk defense and the scrambling situations they create are becoming more and more common in wrestling today. Part of what makes funk techniques so successful is that they can be used against even the deepest shots, and they take advantage of most of the traditional positioning and finishing details for leg attacks. In order to counter funk, wrestlers are forced to go against their instincts and fundamentals.

In this video, 2012 Olympic Bronze Medalist Coleman Scott teaches a highly effective and easy-to-learn approach to defending the funk. He emphasizes a few keys concepts in each position: releasing the legs, head up, chest facing down, and keeping two feet to each side of the body. From each position, he shows to apply these techniques and get to the "A-position" where the opponent is broken down, extended, and nearly on their back.

The "A" Position

Wrestlers learn how to get in to a scramble from nearly any attack. In order to be successful, you must learn the counter to this defense. Coach Scott's funk defense is based on understanding what he refers to as his "A-position," which allows him to get to a familiar position from a variety of different takedowns when he is faced with an opponent trying to use funk defense. He demonstrates how to get to this position from both an inside leg and outside leg roll through off his single leg, as well as your opponent's funk defenses to a high crotch, low single, and double leg. The beauty of this system is that it allows the wrestler to learn one position so they can feel comfortable wrestling no matter how their opponent tries to defend the takedown.

Single Leg

From the single leg attack, Coach Scott shows how to beat the funk from both sides of the body, how to properly release the legs, build base, and find the A-position. From this position, he shows a drill to switch over side-to-side and break the opponent down. He also shows an adjustment when attacking the low single to get to the A-position, as well as a unique finish to the low single when the head is through that hides the ankles and bypasses the funk roll.

High Crotch Crackdown

The high crotch crackdown is a position that Coach Scott has been highly successful with at both the collegiate and international level. He shows basic body positioning that will keep the opponent from passing your shoulder, as well as how to stay out of the pocket. He also shows the cradle entrance that he used to win 2008 NCAA title. Finally, he demonstrates defensive techniques to the crotch leg, emphasizing getting to the A-position from there.

Leg Up in the Air

A position that is frequently frustrating for coaches and wrestlers is the funk against the elevated single leg. A skilled funk wrestler is frequently able to convert this position into their own score. Coach Scott shows several layers of defense to this position, emphasizing how to keep the opponent from touching the legs in the first place, how to stop their attack, and how to transition if the opponent is able to start a funk roll.

Double Leg Takedowns

Double legs in general are considered to be the easiest way to avoid funk. Coach Scott shows how to clean up the shot so there's no chance of getting funked. Defending the chest wrap is the biggest problem with double legs, especially in freestyle. You'll see small positional adjustments that can be made to counter this. Defending the head-side double can be won if you understand how to pop the head and get to the A-position.

Even if your wrestlers have no intention of learning how to funk wrestle, Coach Scott shows you why it's essential to be able to defend in these pos

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