Defending Tactics and Exercises

Defending Tactics and Exercises
Defending Tactics and Exercises
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Product Description

  • Understand basic principles of defending in easy to understand terms
  • Train players on the roles of the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd defenders
  • Understand importance of communication and your team's "line of confrontation"
  • Train players on the importance of compactness and shifting
featuring Brandon Koons,
Otterbein University Head Woman's Soccer Coach;
2010 NCAA D-III Final Four; 6x OAC Conference Champs; 5x OAC Coach of the Year

Give up fewer goals this season using these proven defensive tactics and exercises.

Brandon Koons demonstrates fundamental tactics for successful team defending. Coach Koons begins with an easy to understand discussion of the basic defending principals - pressure, cover, depth and balance. He then reviews the roles of the first, second and third defenders, the importance of a team's line of confrontation, and includes a discussion on team shape.

Using live demonstrations, Koons shows exercises that will help your defenders understand their roles and responsibilities. The exercises begin simply and are built upon slowly by adding conditions and players. During these exercises players learn the importance of communication, compactness, side-to-side movement and overall team shape. This video is of benefit to both players trying to understand defensive responsibilities and coaches trying to train their players.

Coach Koons' philosophy of "building from the back" by training players in defending fundamentals has proven quite successful over the years. This DVD will help you understand a defender's role and responsibility and provides training exercises to help improve your team's defending shape.

66 minutes. 2011.

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