Defending Leg Riders

Defending Leg Riders
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Stop getting punished on bottom by leg riders and turn your defense into offense!

  • See how to "force the sit" against a leg rider, which allows for a series of options to escape
  • Discover how to get reversals that will also lead to back points
  • Learn how to defend the offensive wrestler's cross face and power half

with Mike Moreno,
University of Northern Colorado Assistant Coach;
2x All-American for Iowa State University

Finding yourself trapped underneath a good leg rider can be one of the most intimidating places to be in a wrestling match if you don't understand the mechanics of leg riding.

In this video, two-time All-American Mike Moreno shows how to beat leg riders in a multitude of situations. Moreno has built a system of leg riding defense based around "forcing the sit and clearing the pocket," maintaining superior position and reacting to the opponent's actions. His system emphasizes scoring out of your opponent's leg ride.

Coach Moreno demonstrates fundamental techniques to defend and score against an opponent's leg ride, as well as common scenarios from the position, such as power halves, double boots and being flat on your belly. This video will show how to get reversals that will also lead to back points.

Creating a Superior Defensive Position

Moreno demonstrates "forcing the sit and clearing the pocket" and creating a superior position in which to attack the top rider and score backs and potential pin falls. He demonstrates how to create and maintain a position that will maximize offensive opportunities. You'll learn techniques including:

  • Forcing the sit: Establishes a superior defensive position from the bottom in which to attack the leg rider.
  • Clearing the Pockets and Creating Hip Separation: Ideal position to limit offensive opportunities for your opponent.
  • Attacking the Foot: Helps to pin the opponent's hips to the mat and allow for better movement from the bottom wrestler.
  • Vaulting the Hips: Creates and maintains constant pressure on the opponent.

Beating Tough Leg Riding Situations

A tough leg rider can be dominant at the high school and youth level. Coach Moreno covers some of the most common leg riding situations and provides you with a plan of attack to not only defend against these turns, but to create your own scoring opportunities, including:

  • Crossface: Moreno shows two options to reverse the opponent to their back when they try to crossface while in a good sit position. Includes when the opponent has you going toward the direction they want.
  • Being Pulled Back: Defend against being pulled back, without giving up back points, and reverse your opponent.
  • Power Half: Learn a low-risk swim technique that will get a quick reversal with a possible near fall.
  • Flat on the Mat: Discover how to transition back to the good sit position or free your leg when flat on the mat with one or two legs in. Once back in the good sit position, all the previous options become available again.

Coach Moreno does an excellent job explaining the "whys" and "hows" of the technique and application in various scenarios. Having the knowledge to defend and beat leg riding is invaluable. The techniques and positions shown by Moreno will be a game-changer for the developing bottom wrestler.

50 minutes. 2018.

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