Defending Central Attacks: Integrating Goalkeepers and Field Players

Defending Central Attacks: Integrating Goalkeepers and Field Players
Defending Central Attacks: Integrating Goalkeepers and Field Players
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Product Description

  • Learn how to integrate goalkeepers into the full team practice session
  • Discover simple ways for your goalkeeper to develop leadership skills on the field
  • Develop an attacking mindset with Murphy's small sided game that forces players to look for chances to score
  • Your chance to see how the University of Clemson organizes a training session
  • Learn a simple warm up drill that helps a goalkeeper to develop their foot skills
with John Murphy, Georgia Southern University Head Coach;
former Clemson University Assistant Men's Soccer Coach;
He holds a UEFA Professional Badge from the Scottish Football Association, a U.S. Soccer "A" License, NSCAA Advanced National Diploma and is the first foreign born coach to earn a UEFA "A" Goalkeeper Coaching Badge from the English Football Association.

Modern goalkeepers need to be more than just shot stoppers.

Clemson University's John Murphy fills this instructional soccer DVD with coaching ideas and exercises that can be integrated into your practice to train and coach both field players and goalkeepers.

Coach Murphy opens with a great agility warm-up drill where the goalkeepers practice communicating with their teammates. This drill teaches keepers how to use their voice and gets them used to having to organize the players in front of them, which is critical during game situations. This is a great way for goalkeepers to develop confidence in their leadership abilities. The warm-up session also includes a passing drill that highlights the goalkeeper and the importance of your goalkeeper being good with their feet.

Moving to the practice session, Murphy demonstrates a fast-paced, small-sided game that encourages players to take shots on goal, which also gives the goalkeepers many chances to make saves. These exercises will put players in game-like situations that will give your players more experience and confidence to execute in an 11v11 game.

This video will help you develop leadership and confidence into your goal keepers by integrating them into a regular practice session.

50 minutes. 2012.

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