Defend Your Position: A Pitcher's Fielding Practice

Defend Your Position: A Pitcher's Fielding Practice
Defend Your Position: A Pitcher's Fielding Practice
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Take a look inside a storied college baseball program and see how they develop the defensive skills of their pitching staff!

  • Help pitchers learn to correctly receive throws at first base on balls hit to the right side of the infield
  • Teach your pitchers how to back up bases and prepare to back up multiple bases
  • Instruct your pitchers how to field drag bunts

with J.D. Arteaga,
University of Miami Assistant Coach/Pitching;
2016 NCAA College World Series; Back-to-Back-to-Back ACC Coastal Division Champions (2014-16)

A lot of focus goes into developing a pitcher's throwing motion. Pitchers not only have to throw strikes and set the tone for the game - they also have to be ready to field.

Using a progression of defensive drills, J.D. Arteaga provides you with the coaching points that enhance pitchers' infield play, when and how to break down while fielding batted and bunted balls, as well as how to cover bases.

Practice Repetitions

Learn the finer coaching points that help build a staff of pitchers that you can consider defensive assets for your program. Coach Arteaga emphasizes the need for repetition and control in practice settings to train players to react better in games.

Drills for a Pitcher's Fielding Practice

Using his pitchers to demonstrate the drills, Coach Arteaga details six drills for defending at the pitcher position on hits, bunts, and balls in the outfield. You'll get:

  • 3-to-1 drills that illustrate the need for pitchers to work towards 1st base on any ball hit to the right side of the infield.
  • "In-betweener" drills that show the need for communication between the pitcher and the infielders while fielding batted balls in the infield.
  • Comebacker drills to teach your pitchers the mechanics for fielding comebackers and making throws to first or second base.
  • Bunted ball fielding drills to teach pitchers how to intelligently make outs while limiting damage.
  • Drills that work on defending 'suicide squeezes'.
  • How to backup bases hits to the outfield so pitchers help avoid damage done through passed balls or errant throws.

You'll see how Coach Arteaga stresses the need for pitchers to be prepared through practice. He highlights specific drills and tools to emphasize important topics.

This video will help you recognize how important it is to have complete pitchers - athletes who can pitch, control the running game and field the position. Coach Arteaga gives you the defensive requirements of the pitcher, the drills to develop those skills, and the nuances required for pitchers to differentiate themselves from the rest of the pack.

67 minutes. 2017.

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