David Cutcliffe: Quarterback Technique & Passing Game Execution

David Cutcliffe: Quarterback Technique & Passing Game Execution
David Cutcliffe: Quarterback Technique & Passing Game Execution
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Product Description

  • Learn the drills David Cutcliffe used to help prepare Peyton Manning for his 2012 comeback
  • Train your quarterbacks from the neck up and create "quick-twitch thinkers"
  • Build consistency within your QB's from year to year with a checklist to assure attention to detail
  • Teach play action fake technique that will create problems for any defense
with David Cutcliffe, Duke University Head Coach;
2012 ACC Coach of the Year; Coached Peyton Manning at Tennessee and Eli Manning at Ole Miss

Having coached both Peyton and Eli Manning at the college and professional level, David Cutcliffe has a proven record of developing a championship quarterback. In this Nike Clinic lecture, Coach Cutcliffe gives an in-depth look at how to build a quarterback.

He begins by talking about how to build a quarterback from the "neck up," listing the traits and requirements he has had for every quarterback he has worked with. The same position rules that great players like Peyton Manning have taken to heart are explained in detail. He goes into depth in talking the mental side, with the most important being leadership and command of a team.

He then begins talking about the "neck down." Coach goes over the daily quarterback drills he has used over several eras and shows the exact same techniques from various quarterbacks over that time period. While the drills at first seem similar to common quarterback drills, Coach Cutcliffe has a great number of teaching points and details that emphasizes with his players.He gives both video of on field footwork fundamentals performed by Super Bowl MVP Peyton Manning. He uses Peyton's comeback to football to guide his talk about footwork and building a quarterback from the ground up with Peyton's comeback.

The end of this DVD he shows shows game film of several plays he has used throughout his career, talking through the quarterback fundamentals and how they relate to the different plays. The exact footwork and focus that he discusses is seen with every quarterback he has worked with.

Produced at the 2013 Denver (CO) Nike Coach of the Year Clinic

69 minutes. 2013.

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