Dances & Quick Dances, Vol. 10

Dances & Quick Dances, Vol. 10
Dances & Quick Dances, Vol. 10
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Product Description

  • Cheerleading Dances and Quick Dances
  • Included are 8-8 and 4-8 count cheerleading dances
  • Easy to follow instruction
with Mark Bagon, former Iowa State University cheerleader and two-time collegiate All-American;
owner and coach at the Iowa All Stars competitive cheer gyms. He has choreographed numerous State, National, and All Star 1st Place Championship routines.

This excellent dances and quick dances presentation includes three 8-8 dances and four 4-8 count dances. These dances are done with 2 counts so you can adapt them to your music. All four 4-8 quick dances are detailed step by step. Performers verbally take you through the dance slowly with detailed instructions. The same routine is followed with the four 8-8 count dances. Coach Mark Bagon concludes each dance by counting as the performers perform the entire dance at regular speed.

39 minutes. 2008.

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