Damion Hahn: Bottom Position & Stand-Ups

Damion Hahn: Bottom Position & Stand-Ups
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Use stand-ups and fundamental base work to avoid getting stuck on the bottom!

  • Use little body movement to stand up and improve your ability to escape
  • Discover six stand-up techniques to prevent wrestlers from being returned to the mat
  • Teach wrestlers to build their base from their belly to increase their chance of escaping

with Damion Hahn,
South Dakota State Head Coach;
former Cornell University Associate Head Coach; 2017 EIWA Champions - 11 consecutive EIWA Conference Championships (2007-17);
2x NCAA Champion and 4x All American (University of Minnesota; was part of 2 NCAA Championship teams);
2004 Jesse Owens Male Athlete of the Year award winner (top Big Ten male athlete)

Looking for something that will help to improve your wrestlers' chances of escaping? This video from South Dakota State head coach Damion Hahn provides the assistance you need to train athletes to use various stand-ups to escape. Learning the art of the stand-up is important for any wrestler looking to become a dominant force on the mat.

Coach Hahn presents a series of stand-ups that will help wrestlers of any level be able to get up and get out. This video showcases six different types of stand-ups that anyone can use, allowing individuals to become a 'Swiss army knife' if they want to adopt every stand-up style, or focus on one to make it their bread and butter. Hahn breaks down each stand-up into details that are easy to understand and teach to others.

Coach Hahn covers the inside leg, outside leg, knee slide, tripod, and the sit-out stand-ups. Watching this video will provide wrestlers the chance to discover what works for them. Next, Hahn covers the need for a wrestler to get off their belly and to their base. This creates an easy transition from the belly to a stand-up situation. Again, Coach Hahn breaks down how to build to the base using great attention to detail. He demonstrates what to do when the opponent is on your wrestler, as well as different positions on top.

Coach Hahn breaks down complex situations into simple steps that you can quickly implement into actionable technique in live matches. This video gives many tips that wrestlers of all ages will benefit from and will ensure that kids don't spend an inordinate amount of time on their belly or the bottom.

69 minutes. 2019.

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