Daily Throwing Program for Developing Pitchers

Daily Throwing Program for Developing Pitchers
Daily Throwing Program for Developing Pitchers
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Product Description

  • Get daily dynamic exercises for maintaining pitchers' stamina and arm strength
  • Learn how to effectively incorporate a flat ground bullpen session into your daily throwing program
  • Learn how to teach pitchers the mental approach to pitching
  • Learn three things to look for in daily throwing sessions to break bad habits and develop consistent pitchers with peak command and velocity
with Scott Forbes,
University of North Carolina Associate Head Coach/Pitching Coach;
helped lead UNC to three College World Series appearances (2009, '11, '13);
Collegiate Baseball newspaper's 2008 National College Pitching Coach of the Year;
has coached the top three strikeout pitchers in UNC history; the UNC pitching staff had the fourth-lowest ERA in the nation in 2012; collegiate coach of Daniel Bard, Andrew Miller and Matt Harvey

Recognized by Baseball America as one of the top assistant coaches in the country, North Carolina's Scott Forbes' approach to pitching begins with fundamentals. He has created a unique, customizable program to develop his pitching staff using dynamic exercises, long tossing and flat ground work. This step-by-step, daily routine can be phased throughout the year to each pitcher's unique strengths and role in the bullpen.

Pitching Philosophy
Coach Forbes discusses UNC's pitching philosophy of developing a highly competitive bullpen. You'll learn the priority of pitches to develop after the command pitch has been mastered. Coach Forbes discusses how to incorporate pitch development throughout the daily throwing routine, and how to adjust workouts to each pitcher's unique strengths and role in the bullpen.

Daily Throwing Progression
Learn the importance of individualized daily stretching. Using on-the-field demonstrations, Coach Forbes takes players through a series of active stretching drills that get the arms, trunk and core loose in order to throw. This active stretching also promotes durability and arm care.

See how to correctly long toss with proper progression, release point and target points for accuracy. Using cones at various increments, pitchers throw from distances between 45 feet up to 250 feet while maintaining a "throw with a purpose" mentality.

Watch a flat ground work session from the stretch and full windup to learn how to perfect pitches and concentration. This is a great way to work on mechanics and accuracy without feeling the stress of pitching from a mound daily. Coach Forbes encourages a high level of concentration while his pitcher throws a simulated game using all of their pitches in flat ground.

After a daily throwing session, Coach Forbes demonstrates how to use light band work to cool down. Additional post-workout recommendations for pitchers are also offered.

Many programs emphasize strength and conditioning, which are all necessary, but this program focuses on the importance of daily throwing in order to build arm strength, increase durability and promote arm care. See why throwing is the most important daily routine for pitchers to help build strength, control and mental toughness to prepare for game-day situations.

74 minutes. 2015.

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