Daily Drill Progressions & Mechanics for Outfielders

Daily Drill Progressions & Mechanics for Outfielders
Daily Drill Progressions & Mechanics for Outfielders
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  • Learn how to improve the footwork, momentum and body control of your outfielders for quicker, more accurate throws
  • Develop outfield anticipation and arm strength, and reduce opportunities for hits, stretch singles to doubles or score runs
  • Learn how to implement an effective, progressive throwing session for your outfielders
  • Learn how to develop first-step quickness when pursuing fly balls to the left, right or over the head
with Scott Jackson, Liberty University Head Coach;
former University of North Carolina Assistant Coach;
helped lead UNC to three College World Series appearances (2009, '11, '13);
recognized in 2013 by Baseball America as one of the country's top assistant coaches;
helped the Tar Heels set a school record fielding percentage of .979, fifth best in the country in 2011; helped develop the defensive skills of several MLB draftees, including Colin Moran, Levi Michael, Dustin Ackley and Kyle Seager.

In this outstanding, comprehensive presentation, Coach Scott Jackson helps coaches develop practice drills/routines for outfielders that go beyond simply hitting endless fly balls and grounders. His drills concentrate on creating the footwork technique necessary for an outfielder's development, particularly when it comes to throwing.

In this presentation, Coach Jackson teaches:

General Footwork - Coach Jackson teaches proper footwork on fielding hits to the outfield. He demonstrates how to use step behind and step in front techniques for throwing, as well as when to use a crow hop to keep the player under control. This enables the outfielder to be in position to gain momentum, have a quicker release and make more accurate throws. He also shows how to incorporate drills into throwing warm-up sessions that will save precious practice time.

Throwing Progressions - Coach Jackson demonstrates a throwing progression that any coach can use. The routine starts with basic ground ball techniques with no runners and advances to fly ball techniques with runners on base. This progression can be used as part of a plan for a single practice or a series of practices.

Tracking Fly Balls - Coaches and players will learn the techniques for tracking high fly balls to either side and over-the-head line drives. Coach Jackson demonstrates the proper technique for opening the hips to get to the balls without drifting, and under control, so the outfielder can come through the ball with momentum and make accurate, powerful throws. He also shows the proper way to play balls off the outfield wall. He gives you coaching tips on how to read the ball off the wall and staying in control when picking the ball up off the warning track. This will keep runners from taking extra bases and make it possible to throw runners out on the bases.

Use these drills and coaching tips to develop the essential techniques for all aspects of effective outfield play.

58 minutes. 2015.

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