Daily Defense Drills for Infielders & Outfielders

Daily Defense Drills for Infielders & Outfielders
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Develop fielders that have superb reaction time, amazing fielding efficiency, and pinpoint accuracy!

  • Get over 25 drills to develop well-rounded infielders that provide a high putout rate
  • Learn the footwork needed to turn various types of slow rollers into outs
  • Learn how to incorporate a pitching machine into your fielding workout

with Jan Weisberg,
Birmingham-Southern College Head Coach;
Back-to-Back Southern Athletic Association Coach of the Year (2016-17);
Four straight SAA Regular Season Championships (2014-17);
2012 D3baseball.com South Region Coach of the Year

Jan Weisberg provides an effective, well-organized resource for developing the proper footwork, posture, fielding and throwing mechanics needed to be a good infielder. Coach Weisberg opens up a full drill series that is sure to add order and structure to your individual or team defensive skills.

Fielding Fundamentals

Learn the positive impact that proper mechanics will have on a player's effectiveness. Weisberg starts the video with an explanation of the importance of posture, eye level and hand placement. He provides a detailed talk on the relationship of staying low for fielding and throwing the ball to create more success with grounders, quicker delivery of throws, and enhanced velocity from the use of the lower half.

You'll also discover his "Six F's" for consistent fielding work:

  • Footwork prior to the pitch - To put the player in position for success.
  • Fielding - The art of being in proper position regardless of where the ball is hit.
  • Funneling - Having the ball centered in the body to improve timing of the hand break.
  • Footwork - The transition from fielding to throwing that puts the player in line with the target.
  • Fire - The hard and accurate throw.
  • Follow - The continuation of the body toward the target to ensure momentum and direction is correct.

Quickness, Throwing Strength, and Accuracy

Learn how to develop well-rounded infielders with a progression of fielding drills that provide a high putout rate:

  • Daily throwing drills develop arm strength, accuracy, and increase reaction time. Coach Weisberg focuses primarily on the four corner drill that works on throwing and receiving mechanics.
  • Pre-pitch and footwork drills focus kinetic energy, quick reaction times, and excellent fielding position to maximize infielder effectiveness.
  • Rolled Ball Series - The most efficient way to get reps of balls straight at you, backhands, glove-side balls, and slow rollers. The series is done in a controlled environment to ensure that every player maintains balance and proper footwork on all possible balls.
  • Short Hop Series - Teach players to identify hops and manipulate the hop. The series also develops lower body strength and conditioning while improving fielding skills.
  • Quick Hands Series - Work from the knees and develop comfort with being low and working underneath the ball to build better balance and athleticism.

Coach Weisberg provides a great resource for coaches to develop infielders. From throwing, to the various facets of fielding ground balls, this video covers every skill an infielder will need to be successful!

81 minutes. 2018.

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