Cycling Drills to Maximize Attack Options

Cycling Drills to Maximize Attack Options
Cycling Drills to Maximize Attack Options
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Product Description

  • Get to the net and create more scoring opportunities
  • Learn mandatory skills and timing to add cycling to your offensive attack
  • Easy to follow 7-Phase teaching progression
with Hal Tearse,
Coach in Chief for Minnesota Hockey,
Providence Academy (MN) Head Coach, 5x State Championship Coach

Put pressure on the defense and create more scoring opportunities using this effective cycling progression.

Five-time Minnesota State Championship coach Hal Tearse shows you how to build your team's cycling technique through an easy to use 7-phase teaching progression. In each phase, Tearse shares with you the why and how of the technique and demonstrates drills to maximize your team's scoring potential. Watch as Tearse coaches his players through the drills providing critical coaching points that will make your team proficient and successful when cycling.

The seven phase progression includes:

  • Indirect Passing - Teach your athletes the technical skills they need to successfully forehand or backhand pass the puck into the dead zone.
  • Basic Cycling - A two player drill that builds the cycle process off of the indirect pass and focuses on reading and reacting to the options that cycling creates.
  • Adding Pressure - Show players the need for an indirect pass and force them to clear a defender to get to the net.
  • Three Player Cycle - A third offensive player is brought into play creating full possession for multiple option offense out of the cycle.
  • Double Pressure - Add a second defender to continue moving towards game situation play.
  • Underneath the Net - Create width and space by cycling from underneath the net. This provides your puck carrier three excellent options for initiating the attack and opportunities to shoot on a moving goalie.
  • Defensemen Help - Adding a defenseman to your attack creates chaos for the defense and creates an odd-man situation for your offense.
Tearse brings over 38 years of coaching experience, from mites to college, to this hockey video. More than just a simple drill video, Tearse shares coaching insights and advice throughout. Get to the net and create more scoring opportunities with this simple but powerful cycling teaching progression.

38 minutes. 2009.

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