Cut to the Core!: Strengthening The Core

Cut to the Core!: Strengthening The Core
Cut to the Core!: Strengthening The Core
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Product Description

  • 75 Core strengthening exercises
  • Develop better athletes through McClellan's proven core strength program
  • Unique rotational core segment included
with Tim McClellan, (M.S., C.S.C.S.)

Cut to the Core! provides 75 core strength training exercises designed to maximize core strength! Tim McClellan defines 5 key movements for core training: Spinal Flexion, Rotational Movement, Extended Spine, Lateral Flexion, and Stabilization and offers an extensive menu of both traditional and innovative new exercises for each. Spinal Flexion - 20 exercises that include exercises for concentric, eccentric, and static contractions and includes use of Swiss Ball, Med Ball, Ab Roller, and Ab Wheel for variations. Rotational Movement - 15 exercises are explained and demonstrated for rotational core strength both with and without training aids. Extended Spine - Includes a wide variety (20 +) of extension exercises and variations. Lateral Flexion - 6 exercises for developing lateral core strength with and without weights and a lateral variation using the Swiss Ball. Stabilization - 15 static and dynamic exercises for stabilization and incorporates the Swiss Ball and Wobble board.

38 minutes. 2002.

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