Curriculum Guide for the Vertical Jumps 2-Pack

Curriculum Guide for the Vertical Jumps 2-Pack
Curriculum Guide for the Vertical Jumps 2-Pack
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Product Description

  • Get 12 essential drills for teaching the four main "lessons" of a successful high jump
  • Discover a safe, step-by-step process for teaching the pole vault
with John Gartland,
Indiana State University Women's Track & Field Assistant Coach (former Head Coach)/Cross Country Head Coach;
12x Conference Champions (two cross country, four indoor, six outdoor titles); 10x MVC Coach of the Year; USA Track and Field: Level I, Level II (Endurance and Combined Events), and Level I Lead Instructor

ISU Assistant Women's Track & Field Coach John Gartland has worked with world-class high jumpers, including three jumpers who have cleared 7' 5". In this curriculum guide to the high jump, Coach Garland provides detailed explanations and easy-to-follow drills to simplify one of track and field's most exciting events.

With on-site demonstrations from high jumpers Major Clay and Liz Evans, Coach Gartland breaks down the high jump into four basic lessons, demonstrating 12 drills to use with your athletes covering:

  • approach
  • penultimate and ultimate step
  • take-off
  • bar clearance

Breaking down the high jump into four distinct phases simplifies training. The DVD opens with four drills for the approach, including the Circle Drill, Straight Ahead and Run-By (U-Turn).

Next up is the penultimate and ultimate step. You'll get an overview on why these last two steps are the most important in successfully completing the jump. The Continuous Pop-Up drill shows you how to focus on good knee drive with a dorsi-flexed foot.

The third chapter focuses on the take-off. Coach Gartland delves deeply into the intricacies of this technically difficult point of the run up. Included are two drills he uses with his athletes.

The bar clearance portion of the DVD presentation starts with a lesson on what happens as the jumper leaves the ground. Coach Gartland then moves to the track and shows drills including the Back Over and Thigh Slapper. Finally, you see both athletes go through a series of complete jumps using slightly different 10-step approaches.

Coach Gartland's 12 essential drills provide a blueprint for a successful high jump. The drills are explained in a progressive manner so that the coach and athlete can learn the step-by-step approach behind a successful high jump in a sequential way. These drills lead to Coach Gartland's three main points behind a successful jump:

  • perfect approach
  • the last two steps
  • getting a great take off

These drills cover every aspect of the high jump and can be used as a guide to teach beginner and advanced jumpers. Whether you're a coach or athlete, there's plenty to learn from this well produced and easy-to-follow video.

54 minutes. 2014.

with Jeff Martin,
Indiana State University Assistant Track & Field Coach (pole vault, long jump and triple jump);
2010 USTFCCA Great Lakes Region Women's Assistant Coach of the Year; USA Track & Field Level 2 Coach for Jumps

Jeff Martin delivers 10 basic lessons that are critical to success in the pole vault event. Coach Martin's presentation begins by teaching the basic grip of the pole and continues through the conclusion of the vault - all while keeping safety in mind.

Coach Martin shares a step-by-step progression of the pole vault with over 40 drills demonstrated by his athletes. Learn how to master the following 10 essential elements of the sport:

  • Grip
  • Pole Carry
  • Approach
  • Plant
  • Takeoff
  • Swing
  • Pull and Turn
  • Push-Off
  • Safety in Pole Vaulting
  • When to Teach the Pole Bend

Coach Martin uses a lecture format and drills demonstrated by accomplished athletes to fully explain these elements. He gives clear teaching points and a progressive lesson for each phase of the vault. He discusses how and when to advance athletes to more difficult stages of the vault, and how to teach the vault as a complete action. This video offers structure to a program interested in implementing the event,

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