CrosseTrainer: Building Proper Stick Skills with Color (Boys)

CrosseTrainer: Building Proper Stick Skills with Color (Boys)
CrosseTrainer: Building Proper Stick Skills with Color (Boys)
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Product Description

  • Use the Crosse Trainer wrap with the drills on this video to quickly improve your stickwork in all areas of the game
  • Great training aid for developing young players and older players alike
  • Learn footwork techniques, body positioning, dodging skills and more that will make you an offensive threat
with Paul Schwern,
Glen Ridge (NJ) High School Assistant Coach; 2011 Group 1 State Champions; 2012 Group 1 State Runner-Up; 2x Essex County Champions

With more than 30 years of boy's lacrosse experience, Paul Schwern teaches and reinforces the need to have your player's hands properly placed on the stick in every phase of the game — groundballs, passing, catching, cradling, and shooting.

While this video features the Crosse Trainer wrap to teach hand placement, it doesn't end there. Using youth lacrosse players to demonstrate, each skill is explained far beyond the simple fundamentals. The careful and complete examples and detailed explanation in this video will provide the foundation from which young players can advance their skills.

  • Ground Balls - Learn proper hand placement on the stick, body positioning and movement through the ball while anticipating pressure.
  • Cradling - Correct common cradling errors and discover drills that will help your players transition from ground ball pick up into effective cradling technique.
  • Shooting - Develop a powerful, accurate shot. Learn how hand position, foot position and follow through can improve your shot, whether you are in the crease or in space.
  • Shooting on the Run - Are you hard to guard? Get a complete breakdown of how to effectively set up your shot and shoot on the run.
This video provides the tools necessary to help coaches build better lacrosse players and help players strengthen their abilities. The depth and detail provided in this video will make it your go-to tool for teaching lacrosse fundamentals.

99 minutes. 2013.

"I LOVE this DVD!!! I wish I had this video when I was first learning to play/coach lacrosse."
- S. Holdaway (Youth LAX coach)

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