Creating the Perfect Jump Shot

Creating the Perfect Jump Shot
Creating the Perfect Jump Shot
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  • Learn how to build a great foundation for shooting the basketball
  • Learn better footwork techniques for proper balance and efficient pivots
  • Learn how to improve shooting accuracy by automating details like "fingers on the seams" and ball rotation
  • Discover warm-up shooting drills to improve your shot technique
with Barry Hecker, former Memphis Grizzlies (NBA) and Los Angeles Clippers Assistant Coach;
more than 30 years professional and collegiate coaching experience plus youth and high school coaching experience

For 40 years, Barry Hecker has taught youth, high school, college and NBA players how to shoot the basketball. In this video featuring an on-court presentation, Coach Hecker shares a shooting progression workout that every ambitious player should practice daily . He breaks down the fundamentals of shooting, shares several shooting drills and reveals one of the most forgotten weapons in the game of basketball.

Coach Hecker begins with the foundation of good shooting: balance. Though simple, this aspect of the game is just as important as anything else. A good jump shot begins with footwork that allows the player to square up to the basket and jump straight up. Getting the feet in the right position before shooting is part of developing good balance. Coach Hecker demonstrates several techniques to improve balance, including jump stops and reverse and forward pivots. He also stresses keeping the butt low and the head up while working on these skills.

A forgotten piece of the shooting puzzle is finding the seams of the ball. Players are more likely to get the proper rotation on release if they consistently place their fingers on the same spot when they catch the ball. Coach Hecker takes the time to demonstrate proper shooting form. Using a five-pound dumbbell, he demonstrates how to correct three common shooting problems. He breaks down a jump shot with simple drills and teaching points that accelerate the learning process for your players. These drills bring consistency to your workouts and your players' shot techniques. Coach Hecker also shares interesting ways to help players learn how to better shoot the ball. One of his best is the "get it up drill." He uses a hula-hoop to teach shooters how to avoid a flat shot by creating a better arc on the ball.

Coach Hecker also spends time teaching and drilling one of the most forgotten weapons in the game of basketball: the hook shot. Though rarely seen in basketball, this deadly shot is nearly impossible to defend. Coach Hecker shares basic drills to develop the proper technique before the shoot is taken. He then gets his players on the court to work the shot around the rim and while attacking the rim.

During the latter part of the presentation Coach Hecker runs his player through a shooting progression that not only helps develop a better shot but also keeps the shooter challenged as he works out. An added bonus is the post entry pass portion of the presentation. Here Coach Hecker shows the importance of passing by the ear and creating space to make that pass.

This on-court demonstration is great for motivated players and coaches of any level who want to develop great shooters. Coach Hecker provides clear explanations and shows the value of all of the drills in the video. Barry Hecker's Shooting Progression Workout will enhance shooting accuracy and, in turn, change the way opponents defend against you.

55 minutes. 2014.

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