Creating the Best Practice Strategy for Your Team

Creating the Best Practice Strategy for Your Team
Creating the Best Practice Strategy for Your Team
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  • Learn to focus on specific cues to make it easier for your athletes to understand what you want from them
  • Motivate each of your players based on what's best for the team
  • Learn how to focus on individuals at times without neglecting the team
with Matt McShane,
US Air Force Academy Head Men's Volleyball Coach;
former assistant coach at the University of California-Berkeley - selected as one of Volleyball Magazine's 10 Best Assistant Coaches

In this DVD from the 2011 AVCA Coaching Conference, Matt McShane discusses how to identify the biggest mistakes your players make during game play and give verbal cues during the game to correct them.

Coach McShane's philosophy is to have the players in game-like situations as much as possible. He shows how to help individual players to correct their mistakes at game speed, which will help you make the most of every practice.

The game of volleyball is complex with your players constantly reading other players and reacting to their moves. An error is often an incorrect response to a cue. Teaching your players to identify cues during a game will help to cut down on errors. If a player is struggling, McShane shows how you can break down the drill in order to focus on just one part of a move until he is confident. Once a player understands the move, put him right back into team play.

McShane really brings home the importance of practice and the role of the coach in practice. He explains and shows how the coach should monitor the play of each player on the court and to identify the biggest mistakes. He shows how to correct a player during a 6-on-6 game and then how to take that player out of the game play to give him individual help.

Learn how to provide as many game-like situations in practice, which translates into more rally points in a game.

55 minutes. 2012.

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