Creating Man-Up Situations in the 7-Star Motion Offense

Creating Man-Up Situations in the 7-Star Motion Offense
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Learn an efficient motion offense with easy-to-learn concepts!

  • Build up your motion offense and learn winning tactics for both the front and back side
  • Redirect the ball with great passing form to make your offense more crisp
  • Discover cuts and dodges that will lead to high percentage scoring opportunities

with Acacia Walker Weinstein,
Boston College Head Women's Lacrosse Coach;
2017 Division I Intercollegiate Lacrosse Coaches Association (IWLCA) National Coach of the Year;
2017 NCAA Division I Women's Lacrosse Championship Runner-up;
2018 ACC Regular Season Champions;
fastest coach in Boston College program history to net 50th career win (did in only 74 games);
participated in 14 of the last 15 NCAA Tournaments as either a player or a coach;
former Northwestern Assistant Coach (3 consecutive NCAA National Championships, 2005-08);
on 2009 World Cup team (Gold medal); collegiate All-American (University of Maryland)

Running a motion offense is reliant on effective ball and attacker movement to open shooting, passing and dodging lanes to the goal.

Acacia Walker Weinstein introduces the "7-Star Offense," in which each player is a threat to score by understanding, and executing, their role within the offense. This video will help you learn to create man-up situations in your motion offense and increase your team's scoring opportunities by applying the "7-Star" concepts.

The "Front Side" of Your Offense

Learn how to establish the "front side" of your offense and how to run the motion offense from various dodging points around the critical scoring area. Walker Weinstein explains on a whiteboard, and shows on the field, how to attack using the front side of your offense to create man-up opportunities. This is accomplished by utilizing cut-throughs, dodges and "zipping the ball." You'll see how to drill these concepts to build the understanding of each player's role within this system.

Utilizing the Man-Up

Walker Weinstein covers the "back side" of the defense and how man-up opportunities are created. She shows how to create a 3v2 situation, as well as 1v1 scenarios on unset defenders and then demonstrates how the concepts of the 7-Star Offense assist in the creation of these situations.

Re-Directive Stickwork

In this section you will see how traditional partner passing drills actually build bad habits, and will learn how to teach your players to improve their passing form to be more effective in the 7-Star Offense. Learn a 5v4 Star Drill in which players work on their re-directive passing to the outside hand, as well as two-man flipping.

This video shows the importance of getting all seven attack players to buy into their responsibilities. You'll see how player movement, accompanied by moving the ball intensely around the perimeter to establish the "front side" attack, opens up the man-up situations desired on the back side. These are concepts you can bring to your team's practice to see immediate results on game day!


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