Creating and Managing a Championship Culture

Creating and Managing a Championship Culture
Creating and Managing a Championship Culture
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  • Employ clear communication strategies to define team culture and increase competitive excellence
  • Learn UCLA's five essential areas for communicating effectively with your team
  • Successfully manage the entire competitive experience from pre-game preparations, game-time clarity, and the post-game meeting
featuring Kelly Inouye-Perez,
UCLA Head Softball Coach;
2010 NCAA Champions

Kelly Inouye-Perez led the UCLA softball program to their 11th NCAA championship in 2010. Beginning her fifth season as the Bruins' head coach, 2011 marks her 23rd straight year in Westwood, having joined the UCLA softball program as a freshman player in 1989. Inouye-Perez's involvement in Bruin softball is highlighted by seven NCAA Championships and eight Pac-10 titles as player and coach.Coaching is communication. And competitive excellence involves more than the collective skills of your individual players. In this exclusive clinic, Coach Inouye-Perez provides specific guidance on how you can enhance your team's competitive edge and create a championship culture through proven communication strategies.

She reveals five key areas, which include: establishing a clear vision; utilizing effective language; defining each player's roles; creating accountability; and securing enthusiastic team buy-in. Drawing directly from her own extensive experience, she also shares tips on utilizing different communication channels, techniques for getting your team back on track, defining who your core players are, and discovering who you can rely on to help get everyone together and focused.

In managing the game, Coach Inouye-Perez breaks down the communication aspects of competition into three primary areas: Pre-Game Preparation, Game-Time Clarity, and Post-Game Meeting:

  • Pre-game preparation covers offense, defense, warm-ups, pitching, team duties, and in-game expectations.
  • Game-time clarity involves establishing a team focal point, creating a dugout routine, and managing strategy.
  • Post-game meetings can often devolve into a redundant rehash, with the coach simply stating the obvious. Coach Inouye-Perez shows how you can turn the meeting around, get the entire team involved, and seize on this moment to create a heightened opportunity for learning and improvement.
Creating and Managing a Championship Culture is a fundamental resource for every softball coach at every level, and one that is worth watching again at the beginning of each season as you refine, reestablish, and reinforce your own championship culture.

86 minutes. 2011.

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