Creating a Good Volleyball Culture in the Gym

Creating a Good Volleyball Culture in the Gym
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Create positive reinforcement and culture for athletes while they learn volleyball!

  • Learn how to communicate with youth players so they have audio cues to help them achieve skills
  • Discover how you can create great energy in your players on the floor
  • See how players can build each other up and create a positive culture in the gym

with Kilee Goetz,
Founder/CEO of Spotlight Athletics;
Director of Volleyball at the Legacy Center of Michigan (Legends Volleyball)

We often drill, and drill, and wonder "why" aren't players getting it or "what" is it that they don't understand? This can be due to many things, but a primary cause is how people learn. Some are good at verbal comprehension, and those kids can visualize what you say. Then, there are visual learners who oftentimes need an animated picture of what's being instructed.

Once you gain a better understanding of this, and the varying learning styles, your teaching methods will be better and your athletes will be more receptive to you!

Kilee Goetz has considerable knowledge in the skill of behavior medication. She is methodical about teaching other coaches how to capture kids' hearts at volleyball practice.

Teaching Players to be Successful on the Court

Coach Goetz has great passion for teaching the sport of volleyball using positive reinforcement and allowing players to be more active in practice drills. In this video, she shares some tools to show you "quick fixes" that can become lasting staples to your program and will positively impact your athletes:

  • Positive reinforcement in a constructive, yet competitive setting.
  • How to get more out of what you say without saying anything differently.
  • How do develop team chemistry immediately.
  • Communication - Simple, quick tools to teach your athletes how to find comfort in "what to say."
  • One drill to teach everything you need in the game of volleyball, beginner to college. It's probably something you already do ... with a spin!
  • FUN! Your athletes will have high expectations and hard work, while enjoying and embracing the process!

This is a great motivation session training you how to communicate more clearly with your players. The content in this video opens a gateway for coaches to learn better ways to improve their team and teach players to achieve more.

Produced at the 2016 AVCA Annual Convention in Columbus, OH.

56 minutes. 2017.

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