Creating a Championship Offense: Run Pass Option for the Spread Offense

Creating a Championship Offense: Run Pass Option for the Spread Offense
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Give new life to your spread offense and gain several advantages against any defense!

  • Get access to over 16 different RPOs broken down into three distinct categories
  • Learn how to install and run the key screen, and get coaching points for taking advantage of free access throws
  • Learn various post-snap RPOs that put defenders in conflict or exploit a defensive weakness

with Craig McClain,
Dowling Catholic (IA) High School Assistant Coach/Quarterbacks;
Has helped coach Dowling to six straight Class 4A State Championships (2013-18) with a 75-5 record during that run - the first team in Iowa history to win six state championships in a row at the 4A level

The run pass option has been of the most talked about concepts in offensive football over the past few seasons. Coach McClain gives you in-depth look at many different RPOs that you can implement into any offensive scheme. By utilizing simple reads and taking what the defense gives you, RPOs can give you the advantage you need to energize your offense, move the ball consistently, and put points on the board.

Coach McClain describes the RPOs they use at Dowling Catholic, including the quarterback's read progression and decision making process, routes, and adjustments. He gives you access to over 16 different RPOs broken down into three distinct categories. With diagrams of each RPO, over 25 minutes of accompanying video footage, and McClain walking you through it all, understanding and implementing these powerful weapons into your offense couldn't be any easier.

Categories of the Run Pass Option

Coach McClain begins by explaining the three categories of RPOs: pre-snap, motion, and post snap. The RPOs are categorized according to when the quarterback makes the decision to run or pass. Also, McClain describes what the quarterback reads on each category of RPO. He presents a brief overview of their offensive philosophy and how RPOs fit into their overall scheme and philosophy.

QB Read Progression

On all pre-snap RPOs, McClain instructs his quarterbacks to either count the number of defenders in the box or to count the number of defenders covering down on a three receiver set, depending on the play called. You'll also learn about the free access concept they utilize when a defense gives you an easy throw and catch to a single receiver side.

Motion RPO Package

Motion forces a defense to adjust. Coach McClain diagrams his motion RPO package in which he will use shifts or motion and have his quarterback read how the defense reacts in order to make the decision to run or pass. The motion package can be a great way to design plays to get the ball to your playmakers.

Post-Snap RPO package

Coach McClain's post-snap RPOs are designed to read a specific defender after the ball has been snapped. The philosophy behind the post-snap RPO is to put a particular defender in conflict as to whether he should play run or pass in order to slow him down. McClain diagrams several post-snap RPOs and, using game footage, details the quarterback read progression and coaching points for each play. He also shares some easy adjustments to specific routes that he utilizes with his offense to take advantage of what the defense is doing.

This is an excellent and complete example of an RPO system that details pre-snap reads, motion reads, and post-snap reads to create a user friendly system for the entire offense. This package, when utilized with the spread offense, can give your offense an advantage no matter what the defense tries to take away.

46 minutes. 2017.

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