Core Practice Drills to Improve Your Game

Core Practice Drills to Improve Your Game
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Increase the situational awareness of your players and create a culture of competition in practice!

  • Foster recognition and decision making through dynamic drills that isolate and replicate essential game situations
  • See how to work on full-field concepts when you have a team size that is unable to play full-field 12v12
  • Learn drills to teach correct body position, angle, and footwork to be successful in gaining possession on ground balls

with Corinne Desrosiers,
Florida Tech Head Women's Coach;
2016 Sunshine State Conference Coach of the Year;
former Merrimack College Head Women's Coach;
2008 Division II National Coach of the Year

Every coach understands that to compete in game situations, players must learn to complete in practice. Conversely, all players know that the more competitive each practice is, the more fun practice will be.

Corinne Desrosiers offers a number of situational drills that will help you create a set of "go-to" drills (or augment your existing favorite drills). The nine drills that Desrosiers presents cover all aspects of the game and are ready to be used in any practice.

  • Some of the topics addressed include:

    • Quick reactions and decision making
    • Speed and ball protection
    • Shooting/finishing and changing the point of attack
    • Draw controls and motion associated with draws
    • Defensive concepts

    See how Desrosiers has adapted drills that you may be familiar with to fit the needs of her team, and how the progression of these drills can benefit individual and team play concepts. Her team's elaborate scoring system for multiple repetitions for each group creates a sense of urgency and accountability in drills that, while essential, are fun to execute.

    Offensive and Defensive Situations

    Great lacrosse players must recognize situations in which they have an extra offensive player. The Fire drill and the Downhill 4v3 drill both create clear offensive advantages that all players must recognize and adapt to. Drills with an extra offensive player demand sound offensive skills, and, with the absence of a defender, they force remaining defenders to be disciplined. Thus, these drills are essential and beneficial to personnel on both sides of the ball.

    Great players must also learn to execute in even situations, and the 3v3 Mini Stick drill eliminates the extra offensive player while still creating a disadvantage for the defense. Similarly, the Avocado drill is an excellent drill that uses 1v1's to develop larger overall awareness.

    It's difficult to work on full-field concepts if you have a smaller team or are missing players due to injury. Coach Desrosiers' Marble drill is a great progressive drill that works on full-field concepts when your team is unable to complete a full team, full-field scrimmage. You'll see how this drill works on offensive and defensive core concepts such as fast breaks, player-up situations, midfield cuts, and more.

    Every great practice requires fundamental stick work, and the Maryland drill and the Ground Ball Train offer high-repetition skill work with a tempo that is engaging and challenging.

    Enhance Your Pre-Game Warm-Up

    Struggling with a good pre-game routine? See the essential drills Coach Desrosiers uses in her pre-game warm-ups. Through a simple progression, you'll learn how the individual player and team unit can prepare for game play.

    The most effective practices are filled with drills that involve multiple players from multiple positions. Coach Desrosiers offers a multitude of these dynamic, competitive drills in this fantastic video!

    85 minutes. 2018.

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