Continuity Pick and Roll Offense

Continuity Pick and Roll Offense
Continuity Pick and Roll Offense
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Product Description

  • Discover a simple offense that creates effective continuity and spacing and implements ball screen actions from the wing
  • Learn quick hitters that flow into the continuity pick and roll offense
  • Counter attack teams that are running a pack-line type defense against the continuity pick and roll offense
  • Includes a look at a 1-4 full-court press break offense to overload a zone press and get easy buckets at the other end
with Jerry Petitgoue,
Cuba City HS (WI) Head Boys Basketball Coach (35+ years),
19 Conference titles, 3x Wisconsin State Championships; over 700 career wins

With over 700 career wins, Jerry Petitgoue has developed a finely tuned, highly effective continuity motion offense that will make your team extremely hard to guard. This offense is easily adjustable to various defensive strategies and presents special options that will get you back into the base offense.

Coach Petitgoue teaches and demonstrates the movement patterns within his continuity-based pick and roll offensive scheme. This offense calls for repeated on-ball screens, dribble penetration, and ball reversals forcing the defense to guard the hardest play in basketball - the pick and roll. It can be run out of a 1-2-2 stack, a 1-4 or a 2-3 set.

Petitgoue delivers a series of options out of this movement that will result in easy baskets. These options include back screens, staggered double screens and slip screens.

You will see several lead-in plays that spread the floor to yield easy scores. If any of the plays are unsuccessful, the end result of each play - in terms of court spacing/positioning - leads into the beginning stages of the continuity offense.

This video features plays such as:

  • "Load" and "Lift" - Attack overly aggressive defenses that hard hedge or attempt to double-team the ball handler on pick and rolls.
  • High-Low - Isolates your low post scorer within a few feet from the rim.
  • Guard's Choice - A deceptive play that provides the ball handler with several passing options for a quick score. There are also weak side duck-in opportunities available.
Learn to attack full court defensive pressure using a 1-4 alignment. This alignment comes complete with a "Home Run" play designed to stun the defense into yielding a full court lay-up.

This offense gets every player involved and keeps them involved. Even from the base offense, there are many options that can be added, as Petitgoue demonstrates.

Implement this proven offense into your program and reap the benefits of Petitgoue's years of refinements and success.

64 minutes. 2012.

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