Conditioning on the Court

Conditioning on the Court
Conditioning on the Court
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  • Learn drills to work on core strength and agility while performing volleyball skills
  • Save practice time by incorporating conditioning drills with skill drills
  • A great resource for any coach with limited training resources who is looking to improve the overall quality of their athletes
  • Learn how to keep conditioning fun and game like
with Julie Kaiser, Vista High School (CA) Head coach;
USA CAP Level III certified coach; a USA Volleyball Conditioning Master Instructor

As a volleyball coach do you find yourself at a school or a club with limited resources? Even if you have nothing but a volleyball court, some volleyballs and four walls you can still get in a great conditioning regiment and maximize contacts with the drills provided in this video.

Julie Kaiser, in this video shot on location at the AVCA Convention in Louisville, KY, works a boys club volleyball team through the paces using only a volleyball court and a basket of volleyballs. Many of the drills presented in this video are drills that most coaches have done in their very own gym, but Kaiser provides some great ideas on how those simple drills can also become an intense training drill that will be sure to have your players gasping for air.

Focusing on core strength, agility and jump training, these exercises are perfect for any coach at a school or club who has minimal equipment. Core training drills will develop a players overall strength, Agility drills will help players to move around the court more effectively and jump training will help players to build a better overall vertical leap making them better hitters and blockers.

Coach Kaiser introduces and explains in detail 12 total training drills that not only work on conditioning your players, but also focus on the skills of volleyball. The 12 drills are broken down into six core strength drills and six agility drills. Each drill incorporates fundamental volleyball skills such as passing, digging, setting, hitting, blocking and hitter coverage.

Coach Kaiser demonstrates how to set up and run each drill with many variations and progressions included. These progressions and variations make this video useful for coaches of all levels. You should be able to tailor these drills for the ability and skill level of their own team. In Kaiser's conclusion, she takes the boys through a dynamic stretching routine that will be sure to properly warm-up the body and properly prepare your team for practice or competition. This routine consists of 18 different sport specific movements that will raise the body and muscle temperature and help prevent injuries in your players.

Anyone with a gym, volleyballs and some time can provide their team with a solid workout, while developing volleyball skills with the help of this video. Maximize your teams practice time next season without forfeiting the benefits of core strength and agility training.

Produced at the 2012 AVCA National Convention in Louisville (KY).

44 minutes. 2013.

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