Conditioning for Up-Tempo Basketball

Conditioning for Up-Tempo Basketball
Conditioning for Up-Tempo Basketball
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Product Description

  • Develop your players' skills and condition them for intense, four-quarter effort
  • Improve conditioning while working on basketball skills to save practice time
  • Learn conditioning drills that work on shooting and include cuts, curls, sweeps, pull up mid-range jump shots, and finishing lay ups
with Marquis Hines,
former Vincent (WI) High School Girls Head Coach,
3x WIAA Division-I State Champs (in four years);
Played for University of Wisconsin, Green Bay from 1985-89

Three-time WIAA Division-I State Champ Marquis Hines takes you through a series of offensive and defensive full court conditioning drills and provides an overview of his pressure defensive schemes. These schemes are designed to wear opponents down and break their will to compete.

Coach Hines demonstrates several key warm-up activities (including High Knees, Carioca, Jog) aimed at preparing the body for a hard days work. He demonstrates effective team-based conditioning and skill development drills such as the 3-man-weave, 5-man-weave, and speed lay-ups. Valuable drills for any high school or middle school program.

Hines offensive and defensive mindset is on display, as he demonstrates various options in a secondary break offense, a quick overview of his 1-2-2 full court trapping press and an overview of his half court 1-3-1 zone with trapping responsibilities.

He adds a second series of conditioning drills with a ball to develop fundamental skills while getting players in shape.

The development of individual skills and strong conditioning is the foundation for a successful basketball team. Coach Hines provides drills you can use to improve conditioning and fundamental skills in your players.

47 minutes. 2012.

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