Conditioning Drills with the Ball for Youth Soccer

Conditioning Drills with the Ball for Youth Soccer
Conditioning Drills with the Ball for Youth Soccer
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Product Description

  • Learn how to make conditioning fun and engaging
  • Learn how to make the most of practice time by simultaneously maximizing touches, executing soccer movements and improving fitness levels
  • Discover how to improve possession skills, decision making, tactical skills, transition skills and more while conditioning
with Jason Sisneros,
University of North Carolina Assistant Women's Soccer Coach and Director of Match Analysis;
2012 National Champions (and 22 National Collegiate Championships);
youth soccer coach for 17+ years - has led youth teams to state and regional titles; NSCAA Premier Diploma

The overall goal of Jason Sisneros' presentation is to use the soccer ball to enhance fitness levels. The drills designed to meet this goal can be done individually, as partners or by the entire team. Players learn how to maximize their touches on the ball as a way to both improve their level of play and meet fitness goals. These drills have played a part in Sisneros' success as a youth coach.

Line Drills
Coach Sisneros uses line drills for multiple repetitions and fitness enhancement. Being light on your feet and using proper body work is a point of instruction in this area. Step-overs, ball hops and scissor moves are the fundamentals of good footwork and a short work-to-rest ratio.

Turning Series
Learn how to utilize large spaces for multiple touches and repetitions. Turns, chops, scissors and turning-on-the-move are important elements of good soccer technique. The addition of the passing technique also keeps players on the move.

Gator Game Series
This series helps coaches incorporate conditioning into their possession and transition work in practice. Multiple aspects of technique, passing and receiving and keeping the ball are covered.

Three Team Possession Series
This fast-paced transition game keeps the ball moving and challenges players to maintain possession in game-like situations .

Gauntlet Game Series
This 1v1 game requires an attacker to beat multiple defenders using technical skills. This game builds combativeness into your attackers and defenders.

Finishing Drills Series
Placement over power is the ideal way to get quality shots on goal. This series includes two finishing drills that give players opportunities to shoot and gets your goalkeepers reps, as well.

Games Series
Learn ways to emphasize on goal scoring and defending. Players need to learn how to work together and to be aware of what's going on in all areas. The game series enhances players' organization and communication skills. More space and more players are used, as well.

Coach Sisneros' presentation shows several different ways that soccer balls can be used to enhance fitness using individual, partner and full team drills.

All levels of coach and athlete can benefit from the material in this presentation.

45 minutes. 2014.

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