Conditioning and Velocity Development for Pitchers

Conditioning and Velocity Development for Pitchers
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  • Improve your Baseball coaching!
  • Learn from Bill Bethea!
  • Take your team to the next level!
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with Bill Bethea,
Power Pitching and Hitting, Inc. (Founder and owner);
associate scout for the Houston Astros

Coach Bethea has used his years of pitching experience to fine tune a conditioning program that can add 5 to 10 mph to your athlete's fastball! This conditioning program starts with 10 plyometric exercises followed by core work with a medicine ball and core ball. Sprinting and kettle ball strength training complete the pitcher-conditioning program. Bethea demonstrates seven arm warm-up exercises and four arm care exercises to help prevent injuries. Finally, Bethea explains his cutting edge velocity training program using weighted baseballs. He talks about the correct way to start velocity training and how to progress through his weighted ball training system. Bethea's 8-16 week program uses four different variations of weighted ball throwing, which focus on developing base strength, arm speed and power. This DVD will have your pitchers well conditioned and throwing hard in no time!

95 minutes. 2008.

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