Complete Player Development Workouts for Perimeter and Post Players

Complete Player Development Workouts for Perimeter and Post Players
Complete Player Development Workouts for Perimeter and Post Players
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Product Description

  • Improve your team's ability to score from every position on the floor
  • Teach your players to create space versus any defense
  • Learn game-situation shooting drills to help boost offensive production
  • Discover the techniques for footwork and reading screens that the pros use
with Mike Procopio,
Attack Athletics Player Development Trainer;
Instructor Michael Jordan Flight School and Nike Skill Academies;
Has worked with over 100 NBA players including Kobe Bryant, Dwayne Wade, Paul Pierce, Kevin Durant, and others

Mike Procopio leaves no stone unturned as he delivers one of the most comprehensive skill development DVD's ever made.

Coach Procopio begins with a with a 25-minute warm-up that that provides a variety of shooting drills involving jump stops, pivoting, scoring off of the hand-off and the pull-up jumper in transition. Complex dribbling drills that include beating one and two defenders with various cross-over moves are also utilized to get players ready for the actual workout.

Shooting Drills
Procopio delivers a progression of position game shooting drills that emphasize the catch and shoot without the dribble, the post up and coming off the pin-down screen.

You will see how to drill various phases of dribble penetration through several 1-minute shooting drills that incorporate both a guard and a post player. Procopio demonstrates various "peel cut" and "fade cut" scoring opportunities that produce difficult to defend shot opportunities within any motion offense.

Procopio shares his technique for footwork, reading screens and attacking defenders in the individual wing portion of the workout. He covers four different reads off of the pin-down screen as he adds defenders to incorporate decision making into each 5-shot drill.

Players are taught scoring with a one dribble pull-up jump shot in various directions from the catch on the wing. Kobe-like jab steps and shot fakes are taught to create space, as players make 1-on-1 defending at the wing area a very difficult task.

Position-Specific Drills
Procopio shows you a number of guard post up opportunities as well as feeding the post and using dribble relocation for dangerous peel and fade cuts out of the posting area. The wing workout is concluded with a challenging 3-point shooting drill training shooting from different spots on the floor.

The post segment workout features 15-foot jump shots and one dribble pull-up shots from spots around the perimeter. The post players are taken through a variety of drills involving screens to learn proper technique for the pick and pop, screen & roll and the roll & replace, which are used on a nightly basis in the NBA.

This basketball skills DVD will improve your team's scoring from every position on the court making it a must for every coach's library.

144 minutes. 2011.

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