Complete Guide to Catching

Complete Guide to Catching
Complete Guide to Catching
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Learn 8 ways to develop stronger catchers that block balls, stop the run game, and give confidence to your pitching staff!

  • Get methods for testing posture, balance and alignment to establish footwork patterns and catching stances that improve your catchers' ability to receive, block and throw at their max potential
  • Learn detailed strategies and drills for getting borderline pitches called strikes, absorbing and centering a ball in the dirt, and making throws from the secondary stance that will shut down the opposing team's running game
  • Learn the system that helped Zach Collins to be the first catcher in Miami Hurricane history to receive the Johnny Bench Award

with Norberto Lopez,
University of Miami Assistant Coach;
2016 NCAA College World Series; Back-to-Back-to-Back ACC Coastal Division Champions (2014-16)

The catcher is the coach on the field; they create strikes and control the running game. In this video, Norberto Lopez gives you a wide array of information important for developing a successful catcher.

Lopez teaches catching in a way that gives you the techniques, methods, and strategies to become a fundamentally sound performer at an elite level. This video is a comprehensive guide that provides tests, drills, instruction and illustrated assessments of posture, stance (sign, primary and secondary), glove position, footwork, receiving, blocking and throwing.

You'll also hear Lopez talk about cultural needs of a catcher to be successful in the Hurricane program and how to develop procedures, routines, and habits that make catchers successful.

Stance and Receiving

Catchers are unique; they may be more balanced and have better movement in a square stance, a glove side open, or an arm side lean. Coach Lopez shows you how to create a primary stance that fits your catcher to receive and block with no wasted movement. Learn how to assess your catcher's imbalances, test their mobility, and create a mobility training plan.

Receiving is the most important skill you perform as a catcher. Properly receiving pitchers maximizes the number of strikes that get called. Learn to set your glove in the "power position," perform a detailed sequence for moving from the sign stance to the primary or secondary stance without tipping pitches, and proper glove routes that improve your chances of having borderline pitches called strikes.

Detailed instruction and drills are provided to improve your ability to perform the "quarter turn, sway and thumb roll" techniques to keep the ball in the strike zone, catch the ball in a power position, and maintain good mechanics for throwing runners out when indicated.


Learn a "Back Chaining Technique" progression of eight drills that will improve your catcher's ability to read pitches and beat the ball to the spot, initiate movement from the hips, improve speed of movement into the blocking position, center the baseball, and absorb the baseball. Mastering these drills will give your catcher the ability to help the team keep double plays in order and stop the opposing team from having huge innings offensively.


Develop a quick and accurate throw from your secondary stance that will improve your chance to throw runners out. Lopez provides drills that will teach a proper throwing sequence to maximize your catcher's throwing ability. With a proper sequence, catchers can speed up their release time and improve their accuracy to shut down the opposing team's running game. These drills synchronize lower and upper body mechanics, improve scapular loading, develop proper deflection, and improve directional path of the lower extremities from the secondary stance.

In addition to a significant number of drills, illustrations and instruction to teach you how to "read, react, and recover" like an all-star catcher, Coach Lopez provides detailed information on footwork, glove position, stance, wild pitch recovery and motor memory development during pregame warm-ups that will help you become fundamentally sound.

This video is an excellent teaching tool to help catchers take their skills to an elite level. You'll get comprehensive instruction, drills and strategies to help you improve the fundamental skills of receiving, blocking and throwing in your catchers.

79 minutes. 2017.

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