Complete Goalkeeper Training for Soccer

Complete Goalkeeper Training for Soccer
Complete Goalkeeper Training for Soccer
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Product Description

  • Get a complete goalkeeper session from University of Notre Dame men's soccer
  • Learn how to train basic handling skills and quick reactions
  • Discover how correct footwork leads to quality saves
  • Learn different types of catches to use with different shot placements
with Vern Gingerich, University of Notre Dame Men's Soccer Goalkeeper Coach,
member of the 2013 NCAA Championship coaching staff, played goalkeeper for four years at Trine University

Goalkeeper coach Vern Gingerich shares an inside look at a goalkeeper training session with the University of Notre Dame men's soccer program. Beginning with a dynamic warm-up for goalies, Gingerich offers great ways to get keepers ready to react and handle the ball.

Goalkeeping Basics
Teach your keepers how to get in position to stop any shot. Your goalkeepers will be able to make strong saves, especially when they get their body behind the ball.

Quick Reactions
The key to giving up fewer goals is to be ready at any moment for the shot. Coach Gingerich demonstrates reaction drills that build the goalie's mobility and gets them used to sprinting for a ball. These drills also develop a sense of how to make saves while looking past or through a wall of defenders.

Pull Backs
When the attackers are making a run down the field, especially from the wings, they will try to take the ball to the end line and make a pass across the box to a forward or central midfielder for a shot. This segment trains goalies become better at cutting off passes and angles on any shot taken. Keepers also learn not to cheat out too much anticipating a cross. The need to cover the near post in case of a shot from the wing is also emphasized.

Goalkeepers of all skill levels can benefit from this thorough training session. Watch your keepers become more confident in their actions and better able to make more saves. The clean sheets will add up.

58 minutes. 2014.

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