Competitive Team Practice Drills

Competitive Team Practice Drills
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Learn some of Butch Thompson's favorite practice drills for your full team!

  • Use a stopwatch to add pressure to your team drills and incorporate competition
  • Get more accomplished at every practice in less time with up-tempo drills
  • Run exercises that get more than one player reps at the same time

with Butch Thompson,
Auburn University Head Coach;
coached Casey Mize - the No. 1 overall pick in the 2018 MLB Draft;
former Mississippi State University Associate Head Coach;
2014 Baseball America/ABCA National Assistant Coach of the Year

In a team practice setting, it's often difficult to find baseball drills that involve multiple positions at the same time. Because of this, efficiency becomes an issue and practice can drag.

Butch Thompson, Auburn University head coach, is a master at getting more accomplished in less time. In this video, he introduces efficient warm-ups and team drills that you can adopt to get more done in less time at every practice.


A proper warm-up is often neglected, but is an important part of a productive practice. See how Coach Thompson's Auburn team uses a dynamic warm-up to prepare their bodies for a tough workload by increasing body temperature and stretching muscles. You'll learn how to efficiently warm-up to increase flexibility and prevent injury!

Drills on the Clock

Put a stopwatch on your players to increase pressure and add competition to your practices. Coach Thompson offers a couple of throwing drills, as well as a drill to see how fast your outfielders can get the ball into the infield, which all incorporate using a stopwatch to see how quickly they can successfully conquer the drill. Putting pressure on your team and adding a competitive element will help your athletes get ready for the challenges of game day.

Team Drills

Get more out of your team defense with Coach Thompson's team drills. He shows you how to improve your PFP with your pitching staff by having multiple pitchers on the mound at the same time. Additionally, you'll see how to use a similar setup with your catchers to help multiple players simultaneously work on throws to each base.

In total, this video provides 12 team drills that will efficiently train your team to get better at essential skills. Let Coach Thompson show you how to get more accomplished in less time!

45 minutes. 2019.

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