Competitive Team Drills for Softball

Competitive Team Drills for Softball
Competitive Team Drills for Softball
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  • Get 20 competitive team drills for working on game situations, team building and developing essential softball skills
  • Learn how to prepare your team to compete in game situations and to excel under pressure
  • Learn how to run drills with larger teams, so no one is left standing around watching
with George Wares, Central College Head Coach,
over 1,000 Career wins - most winning coach in NCAA Division III softball history;
distinguished member of the National Fastpitch Coaches Hall of Fame (2007); 4x National Championship Coach

It's hard for players to show competitiveness in a game if they don't first have it with their team in practice. Learn how to make games feel easier by making your practice more difficult! Coach George Wares, the most winning coach in Division III softball history, shares 20 drills that will put your players in competitive situations and inspire competition among the team.

Indoor Drills
Don't let the weather hold your team back from competitive greatness! Coach Wares begins indoors with his team, demonstrating eight drills designed to foster competition that can be used during indoor practices. These competitive drills focus on various skills such as throwing and rundowns, fielding and bunting. Although these drills are done indoors, they are easily converted into outdoor drills, giving coaches even more options.

Team Building Drills
Coach Wares introduces two team-building drills that require players to work together in competitive situations. Throughout these drills, Coach Wares emphasizes the importance of winning and taking pride in winning. On the opposite end of the spectrum, when players are not up to the task, they must experience finishing last ,which helps foster their desire to win. Teach your players how to compete together!

Outdoor Drills
Practice moves outdoors where Coach Wares runs 10 drills specifically for outdoor use. These drills cover defense, base running, communication and conditioning. Most importantly, the drills put players in positions where they can either execute and be successful or fail. Softball is often called a game of failure ...teach your players how to handle failure! During the conditioning drills, athletes must battle adversity and learn how to complete the drill when they are tired.

Coach Wares gives a detailed, intense presentation that will develop the mental and physical toughness of your team.

101 minutes. 2015.

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