Competitive Shooting Drills for Basketball Practice

Competitive Shooting Drills for Basketball Practice
Competitive Shooting Drills for Basketball Practice
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Train your players to hit the big shot in pressure situations
  • Get 12 shooting drills that will challenge your players to improve their accuracy and build muscle memory
  • See a collection of small group shooting drills that create game-like pressure situations to hit the "money shot"
  • Learn drills that increase shooting range out to the NBA 3-point line to build 3-point specialists
with Matthew Driscoll,
University of North Florida Head Coach;
2015 Atlantic Sun Champions; 2015 Atlantic Sun Coach of the Year

Matthew Driscoll knows how to build a program. Coach Driscoll served as an assistant on Scott Drew's staff at Baylor from 2003 to 2009, helping to lead the Bears' back to the NCAA Tournament for the first time in 20 years (2008). After being hired as the head coach of North Florida in 2009, Driscoll repeated this feat, turning the program around and leading the Ospreys to their first-ever NCAA Tournament appearance (2014-15).

University of North Florida head coach, Matthew Driscoll, has helped his team garner a reputation of utilizing the 3-point line as an offensive weapon. Earning the moniker "Birds of Trey," the Ospreys have risen amongst the nation's leaders in 3-point acumen under Driscoll's leadership.

On display are a series of 12 shooting drills to help develop your players into sharpshooters. These drills incorporate a variety of strategies that will challenge your players to hit shots under pressure. Every exercise aims to force shooters into the uncomfortable, game-like pressure of having to make the "big shot" in games.

Team Shooting Drills

Three team shooting drills can be fit into any practice to get your players to work on their shots. Right from the warm-up, Coach Driscoll utilizes goals so players are focused on every shot. The Shooting to 5 with Perfection drill has your team working to make consecutive shots from a variety of locations on the floor. Win the Game is a classic shooting drill which will raise the intensity of your free throw practice.

The 5-on-5 Warm-up uses the "money ball" concept to simulate game-like pressure to hit big shots from different angles and distances on the floor.

Small Group Shooting Drills

Your players will develop a step back shot, slide step shot, and spot shooting techniques in these small group shooting drills. All of the drills incorporate goals such as progressing or moving backwards, based on the group's shooting percentage or make/miss streaks, to create pressure on the players.

Battling through each drill's requirements will get your athletes to focus on their shooting form and develop mental toughness to successfully get through each practice segment. The 3-Spot Shooting drill is a fantastic way to improve your players' shooting accuracy at different ranges and off the dribble.

Elite shooters can hit big shots because they have developed the technique and the mindset to thrive under pressure. These shooting drills from Coach Driscoll are perfect for any coach looking to simulate intense pressure in their practices.

72 minutes. 2015.

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