Competitive Drills for Teaching Transition Offense

Competitive Drills for Teaching Transition Offense
Competitive Drills for Teaching Transition Offense
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Product Description

  • Learn innovative and competitive ways to teach transition offense
  • Train your players to hustle and play hard every trip down the court
  • Develop the skill set needed to score easy baskets every night out

with Tim Cluess, Iona College Head Coach;
Back-to-Back MAAC Champions (2016-17) - 3x MAAC Champions;
2019 & 2014 MAAC Coach of the Year;
former C.W. Post College Head Coach, 2009 Basketball Times Division II Co-Coach of the Year; 3x East Coast Conference Coach of the Year

Tim Cluess brings experience from all levels of play—high school through college—to this presentation packed with on-court demonstrations.

Following an anecdote-filled introduction, Coach Cluess breaks down the various components of his aggressive, full-court transition, which many consider to be one of the best in the nation.

He demonstrates the use of assigned running lanes and five-man 1-2-3-4 drills to strengthen all-important skill sets. Your players will show improvement in all phases of the offense, especially lay-ups and jump shots. You'll also see fewer missed buckets and turn-overs.

Coach Cluess' drills emphasize conditioning, control, agility and quickness. Train your players to hustle down the floor and create a scoring opportunity with each possession.

This presentation is innovative and highly detailed and will help you develop a competitive transition team that will excel at executing a well-played, up-temp game.

71 minutes. 2011.

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