Compete to Become Elite

Compete to Become Elite
Compete to Become Elite
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  • Improve your Basketball coaching!
  • Learn from Pat Clatchey!
  • Take your team to the next level!
  • Learn from the best, to become your best!
with Pat Clatchey,
Mount St. Joseph's (MD) High School;
2009 McDonalds All-American coach

Pat Clatchey has built a championship high school program from the ground up. His commitment to teaching and improving individual skills has greatly impacted his program. The first of 10 drills focuses on ball handling mastery. Drills incorporate basic ball handling skills coupled with creating separation, exploding by defenders and finishing at the basket with contact. Drills help players of all positions gain confidence in their ability to handle the ball in the half and full court. Explosive moves are combined with retreat and separate skills to handle any kind of defensive pressure. By making drills competitive, players learn how to protect the ball without turnovers, improve conditioning and gain toughness. Use of cones and chairs add game like elements to several drills. Build confidence and consistency within each player by utilizing four demanding shooting drills, highlighted by the 3-2-1 drill. This combination of skill improvement ball drills will individually and collectively help your team score more points and win games.

42 minutes. 2009.

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