Combination Wrestling from the Top Position: Tilts and Leg Turns

Combination Wrestling from the Top Position: Tilts and Leg Turns
Combination Wrestling from the Top Position: Tilts and Leg Turns
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Product Description

  • Learn to create a combination attack to score more points from the top position
  • Use combination wrestling to baffle and break your opponent
  • Teach your wrestlers to be two steps ahead of their opponent
  • Learn to use a hip tilt to set-up a near wrist or leg ride series
with Barry Davis,
former University of Wisconsin Head Coach ;
2010 NWCA National Coach of the Year;
Olympic Silver Medalist (1984 Olympics), 2x Olympic Team member,
3X NCAA Champion and 4x All-American at the University of Iowa,
Career wins leader (162) at Iowa

Turning an opponent, especially a good one, is one of the most difficult aspects of wrestling. In this video, Barry Davis demonstrates how combination wrestling can earn you more back points. And more back points leads to more wins!

Coach Davis stresses the importance of moving from one move to another in order to be more effective at scoring from the top position. He shows how a hip tilt can lead to a leg turn, a leg turn can lead to an arm bar, and an arm bar can lead back to a hip tilt. The combinations are endless. The key is to stay ahead of your opponent mentally. While your opponent is on their back, you are thinking of the next possible turn. A turn that will lead to more points and more victories.

Davis sets up his combination series with the hip tilt and builds off of it. He uses three and four-way combinations. You will learn how to effectively implement combinations using hip tilts, near wrist tilts, far wrist tilts, arm bar tilts, roll through tilts, leg turks and more. The combinations keep coming, along with the points.

Using combination wrestling from the top position will keep your opponent off balance, leaving them baffled and broken. Davis' teaching will provide you with the tools you need to become a better wrestler. You will begin to strategize, think and move quicker than your opponent. You will always have an edge on top.

Middle school and high school coaches alike will be pleased with the results they get by implementing Davis' combination series. Likewise, wrestlers will start to see immediate results as they begin to score more and more points.

Combination wrestling will help you think and move more effectively from the top position, which will confuse and break your opponent giving your wrestlers the chance to score more points - all of which leads to more victories.

61 minutes. 2012.

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