Combination Play and Finishing Exercises on Goal

Combination Play and Finishing Exercises on Goal
Combination Play and Finishing Exercises on Goal
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Learn passing and combination patterns for finishing on goal
  • Learn shooting exercises that help players use combinations to get a shot off in front of the net
  • Learn the Wine Glass drill to help players succeed in combination play
  • Teach your players how to make good decisions when attacking with numbers up

with Brian McMahon,
Palm Beach Atlantic University Head Coach;
2015 NCAA Elite Eight and NCAA South Region Champions, 2014 NCCAA Final Four and NCCAA South Region Champions, 2012 NAIA National Champions, 2012 NSCAA and the NAIA National Coach of the Year, over 300 wins at the collegiate coaching level

One of the hardest skills in the game of soccer is finishing. Brian McMahon shows you how to teach finishing and how he's turned his team into an attacking threat. In 2015, Palm Beach Atlantic scored 84 goals and led the NCAA D-II in goals per game.

You'll learn how to teach finishing using games that incorporate the whole team in functional examples. The teaching points Coach McMahon emphasizes during the games include:

  • Movement off the ball to create the spaces needed to be dangerous in the attacking 3rd
  • Placement vs Power in certain areas of the field
  • The technical aspects of finishing in and around the 18 yard box
  • How the use of 1-2 touch, combination play and speed of play can be vital when going to the goal to finish

Coach McMahon goes beyond simply showing you how to finish. He also shows you how to build up to goal scoring opportunities. You'll learn the technique for finishing in terms of placement vs power and the proper runs that need to be made in the box when attacking the goal. Coach McMahon's drills incorporate the whole team - not just forwards/strikers. He teaches how combination play and speed of play can help you gain an extra advantage when finishing. Drills include:

  • Wine Glass - The emphasis in this particular drill is to help players develop a sense of rhythm in quick combination play. Within the exercise, Coach McMahon shows five progressions and demonstrates how to use quick combination play to release players to finish on goal.
  • Progressions - Coach McMahon demonstrates various patterns to use in a functional/positional setting and using third man combinations to go to goal. This passing pattern drill creates opportunities for field players to finish and train different combinations to break down compact defenses in the final third.
  • Forward Check Game - Coach McMahon puts everything together in this small-sided game. He shows four progressions that incorporate all the areas he covered earlier in the video. He shows 3v1, 4v2, 5v3 and other variations to play off your high target player and how to attack going forward in the final third.

Coach McMahon provides in-depth illustrations, both on a white board and on the field, that will help you create an attack that will strike fear into your opponents!

"What I like most about this video from Coach McMahon is that he shows how he builds from passing pattern combinations to finishing to goal using the WHOLE team instead of just a few forwards on your team." - Customer Review

61 minutes. 2016.

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