Combination Drills the Brazilian Way

Combination Drills the Brazilian Way
Combination Drills the Brazilian Way
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Learn how to design drills that get all your players involved, and simultaneously work on multiple skills
  • Create drills that target specific, game-like situations, that give your team trouble
  • Get your players more touches in less time
  • Take regular drills and turn them into a competition to bring out the best in your team every practice
with Dega Da Gama,
Boston College Assistant Coach;
former assistant coach for the Rexona Volleyball Club, a professional women's team in Brazil; also worked with the Brazilian National Team (1998-2000)

There are few countries that have had as much success on the international volleyball stage as Brazil. The Brazilian men's and women's national teams have combined for nine Olympic medals (four gold) and have also captured nine World Championship medals (three gold) since 1982. As of October 2015, the Brazilian men are ranked #1 and the women are ranked #3 in the FIVB senior world rankings.

It's not often coaches run across drills that combine multiple skills into one drill. Dega Da Gama, former member of the Brazilian National Team coaching staff, demonstrates six drills that require players to utilize multiple skills in each drill.

The drills are more game-like and run at a faster pace than conventional drills.

The philosophy for running these drills came from Da Gama's experience working with Bernardo Rezende, who is the current coach of the Brazilian Men's National Team and former coach of the Women's National Team. The main idea of the combo drills is to create game-like situations for your team while giving your players multiple contacts on the ball, which helps them get ready for their next action.

Coach Da Gama's drills will help your players focus on the task at hand and block out the distractions of other things going on around them. You'll also learn to create a more efficient practice where multiple skills can be practiced during each individual drill.

  • Out of System Setting Drill: Working on serve receive and setting out of system balls to the pins, this drill forces players to have good hands and set out of system balls. The drill gives players multiple reps passing serves and working on their footwork to move to different types of balls.
  • Serve Receive: This drill helps players work on passing posture and footwork. Many times, players lose their posture when they move the body to pass. Players pass a serve and then move the body to receive a second ball while maintaining good posture. The drill can be adapted to work on footwork - side to side or front and back.
  • Three Passes in a Row: Work on various types of touches while players focus on keeping good posture from pass to pass. Players must focus on staying low while passing three different types of balls. Coach Da Gama explains how to give feedback as the players are engaged in the drill.
  • Ball Control: This complex drill gives athletes reps in passing, digging, out of system setting and footwork. The drill puts a lot of work into playing out of system, starting with digging a ball to the middle of the court. Passes and digs need to be controlled so that another player can use proper footwork to get the ball and set it to the outside. Players get to work on their hands and setting posture.
  • Serve, Pass, Set: On one side of the net, players work on serve receive. Athletes also work on serving on the other side as well as digging and setting. The drill incorporates serve receive as well as out of system play. Coach Da Gama shows different variations and how coaches can adapt the drill to service their needs.
  • 6-on-6: A full game situation that focuses on setters covering the attack. Many setters remember to cover the attack in drills, but they seem to forget it in games. This drill will help them remember to cover in the flow of a game. The drill starts out as a controlled drill and then, with the setter covering a blocked ball, plays out as a regular rally to the end. Middles and setters also get a lot of reps running the slide.

These drills cover all types of contacts and situations for players and will keep them thinking about what they need to do next on the volleyball court. This video will aid any

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