Coaching Youth Soccer - 5th Edition

Coaching Youth Soccer - 5th Edition
Coaching Youth Soccer - 5th Edition
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Endorsed by US Youth Soccerwith Sam Snow,
Director of Coaching for US Youth Soccer

Participation in youth soccer continues to grow, creating a greater demand for coaches than ever before. You might be a parent who has never played soccer, but you now find yourself on the sidelines wondering what you've gotten yourself into.

Coaching Youth Soccer is the resource for coaches of athletes ages 14 and under. It presents sport- and age-specific coaching tips and advice as well as general coaching principles and information on sport first aid that coaches need for success on and off the field.

This fifth edition includes over 45 activities and 40 coaching tips, combined with more than 70 photos and 50 illustrations, all in a reorganized format to make it even more practical for coaches. Chapters on attacking and defending, along with a new chapter on goalkeeping, are included to provide more in-depth information on playing these positions. The sport first aid section has been expanded to include guidelines from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention on dealing with concussion (soccer is second only to football in frequency of concussion).

Part of the long-running Coaching Youth Sport Series, Coaching Youth Soccer provides a dynamic and effective method for teaching soccer fundamentals, making it a must-read for youth soccer coaches preparing to meet the challenges and enjoy the rewards of working with young athletes.

201 pages. 2011.

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