Coaching Youth Progressions & Mobility Training

Coaching Youth Progressions & Mobility Training
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Learn to individualize instruction to meet the needs of each individual wrestler!

  • See how Coach Dominguez divides his room based on ability and skill sets by using systems developed in gymnastics and martial arts
  • Teach your wrestlers to continually improve their position through progression and transitions
  • Discover what drives change during the cognitive phase, associative phase, and autonomous level

with Zac Dominguez,
President and Head Coach of MWC Wrestling Academy in Omaha (NE);
former University of Nebraska Omaha Assistant Coach;
President of USA Wrestling Coaching Council;
Freestyle and Greco Director for Nebraska USA Wrestling;
2013 USA National Developmental Coach of the Year;
2007 USA Wrestling Coach of the Year;

and Dr. Grove Higgins,
Human Performance and Rehabilitation Clinic Director (CO);

Coach Dominguez covers how a coach can keep a practice structured and fun at the same time by using drill games. The games not only keep practice fun and exciting, but also develop skill. Games include:

  • Quad Hand Fight: Teaches wrestlers how to keep the pressure off their hands and put the opponent's weight on their hands.
  • Go to Back Drill: Teaches a wrestler how to back arch by falling backwards.
  • Foot Tag: Develops level change and quickness.
  • Double Reverse Lift: Emphasizes a wrestler getting their hips underneath them in order to lift their opponent off the mat before their opponent lifts them.
  • Hand Fighting on the Knees: Teaches wrestlers to fight for position and move their opponent just by using their upper body.

Questions and Answers

Coach Dominguez answers questions from other coaches who are in attendance. Topics covered include:

  • How to open lines of communication for wrestlers of all ages.
  • The biggest issues youth wrestlers face and how to overcome those issues.
  • How to control parents and have them fit your system as opposed to having your system fit them. This includes dealing with other sports they may be playing.
  • How to develop unorthodox techniques that kids may use that are not normally taught.
  • His year round program development.

Lecture: Improving Mobility and Adaptation for Athletes through Repetition

Dr. Higgins provides the insight for any coach or athlete to unlock their potential to increase overall performance. This will also directly translate into wrestling by allowing an athlete to learn technique quicker due to having a greater ability to move, decrease injury potential, and increase overall performance.

Shin Box

Dr. Higgins introduces the 'Shin Box system' that coaches and athletes can use to assess and train mobility. He also covers the prescription, progressions, and instruction of the mobility drills within the system. This system is a game-changer in the world of sports performance because it can drastically increase performance in an athlete.

Questions and Answers

Higgins opens the floor for a variety of questions and answers. Some of the most common questions relate to pain management in the lower back and the wrist, were he addresses three specific drills:

  • Squat and Twist: A simple and effective drill to eliminate back pain.
  • Arm Bar: Utilizes a kettlebell to release tension around the spine.
  • Wrist Rolls: Helps realign the bones in the wrist and hand in order to decrease pain.

Dr. Higgins breaks down performance to the most basic level so that you will understand how to improve mobility and maximize the performance of your athletes.

Produced at the 2017 USA Wrestling Silver Coaches Clinic in Lincoln (NE).

185 minutes (2 DVDs). 2018.

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