Coaching the Wide Receiver

Coaching the Wide Receiver
Coaching the Wide Receiver
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Improve your receivers' ability to create space and get open for the big play against multiple types of coverage.
  • Learn the mechanics necessary for an explosive start off the line of scrimmage to run the most effective route
  • Learn release techniques to beat hard press, soft press and lunge techniques utilized by defensive backs
  • Learn the fundamentals of route running and how to make adjustments to counter different defensive coverages
with Kevin Gilbride,
former NFL coach and offensive coordinator for six NFL teams - spent over 20 years in the league;
earned two Super Bowl rings as the Offensive Coordinator for the NY Giants

This video presentation puts you on the field in a coaching session with long time NFL offensive coordinator, Kevin Gilbride. He presents the fundamentals every receiver must learn to become a more effective pass catcher. Coach Gilbride's focus is on developing the complete receiver from stance, take offs and releases, to route running and reading and understanding coverages to create a better target for the quarterback. You will learn how to get quick separation and adjust to defensive coverages to improve the success of your passing game.

Stance and Release

Starting with the proper stance and how to get off the ball explosively in order to run the most effective routes, Coach Gilbride demonstrates successful release techniques against the hard press, soft press and lunge techniques commonly utilized by defensive backs. He discusses the importance of being violent with the arms, the pros and cons of swim and rip techniques, and foot patterns to counter the defensive back's strategy.

You'll learn the speed, jab, half diamond, drive and lunge release techniques to improve receivers' leverage and separation. Coach Gilbride explains the importance of the rip and crossover moves while staying low to the ground and maintaining balance. He illustrates the importance of moving inside and outside the frame of the defender and making cuts with proper timing and angles.

Route Running

Coach Gilbride explains how to make adjustments in response to defensive back positioning for the hitch, fade, slant, curl, and speed routes. You'll see players demonstrate when to convert, flatten, crossover, collapse a cushion, and use leverage to improve the success of the passing game. Coach Gilbride also pinpoints poor route running habits and what to do to correct them.

The techniques and skills contained in this video will improve your receivers' ability to create space and get open against multiple coverages. Practicing the explosive starts, separation and leverage techniques shared in this video will develop players into elite receivers.

77 minutes. 2015.

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