Coaching the Technical Aspects of the Long Jump & Triple Jump

Coaching the Technical Aspects of the Long Jump & Triple Jump
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Product Description

Get a simple method to develop the progression behind a successful jump attempt!

  • Learn how Coach Tellez determines the length of the approach run and get key coaching points for ensuring an effective approach
  • Discover the drills that isolate the secrets of the penultimate step
  • See how to implement a complete strength and conditioning program to help your jumpers reach their potential

with Kyle Tellez,
University of Houston Assistant Track & Field Coach;
Coach of 2x NCAA Long Jump Champion Jenny Adams; 25 years of experience in the jumps

The University of Houston's Kyle Tellez shows you his methods that contribute to successful long and triple jumps!

Long Jump

Coach Tellez's long jump program is designed to teach long jumpers a simple, but effective method to develop the long jump attempt progression. Using demonstrators, Tellez demonstrates several approach runs and illustrates key points to look for while coaching the approach, including the rhythm and cadence of the run as well as where to stand to coach your athletes.

Approach Run Mechanics for the Long Jump

Coach Tellez breaks down all of the components of the approach run. Beginning with short approach jumps to work on rhythm and progressing back to full approaches, your athletes will develop an understanding of the cadence while gradually improving speed and power as they progress.

You'll also learn the importance of using a check mark to troubleshoot mistakes that your jumpers will make as they advance down the runway. Check marks also have the benefit of helping coaches and athletes make adjustments based on a variety of conditions, such as weather or surface type.

Short Approach Take Off Drills for the Long Jump

The long jump has a unique pattern in the last two steps in preparation for takeoff. Athletes must lower their center of mass with the last two steps grounded flat in anticipation of takeoff. Tellez takes his athlete through walking and jogging versions of a takeoff drill in order to simulate technique at lower speeds. By having the athlete walk through the motions of a takeoff, they'll be better suited to perform the actions at full speed later on. As the segment progresses, the athlete gradually increases speed with short approach runs to enhance the difficulty of the drill.

Tellez also explains common mistakes that athletes will make on the penultimate step and the takeoff. You'll be taught how to land in the pit and how to get the most distance out of each jump.

Triple Jump

The triple jump is one of the most dynamic events in track and field. Coach Tellez demonstrates drills to transition from a successful approach run to the development of a proven triple jump series. Using this approach, athletes can practice all three jumps without having to use the landing phase.

Approach Run Mechanics for the Triple Jump

The goal of the triple jump runway is to develop a consistent relaxed run, leading to controlled speed at takeoff. To help inexperienced jumpers gain better control of the jump, Tellez explains that they may require a shorter approach that can expand backward as they develop strength and coordination. Starting with a unique static drill to teach athletes about the three components of the hop, step, and jump phase, Tellez demonstrates how short approach runs of various lengths can be added onto the drill to enhance difficulty and challenge jumpers as they progress.

Bounding Skills for the Triple Jump

In addition to building power and strength, bounding skills play an enhanced role in a triple jumper's development. Tellez begins with a series of double leg bounds off a low box to teach his athletes to absorb impact and transfer momentum. From there, he progresses to alternate leg bounds and triple jump specific bounds to help teach rhythm while developing strength. For coaches wondering how to teach arm mechanics, Tellez uses a walking bound drill to demonstrate arm swing and how to help cue athletes to use their arms aggressively to improve bounding distance.

Strength Training for the Long and Triple Jumps

University of Houston strength and conditioning coach Drew Fuji discusses the basics of strength training for jumpers. Coach Fuji breaks down a few simple, easy

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