Coaching the High School Pitcher

Coaching the High School Pitcher
Coaching the High School Pitcher
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  • Keep your pitchers' arms strong and healthy while achieving maximum practice reps
  • Employ drills that develop and maintain proper mechanics with minimum fatigue, using Coach Woods' proven "drill progression" approach
  • Utilize unique, fun, and safe drills to develop consistent, effective curve balls
  • Shut down your opponent's running game with pick-off moves to all bases
with Mike Woods, Hamilton (Chandler, AZ) HS Head Coach;
6x Arizona High School State Champs (2003, 2004, 2008, 2014, 2016 and 2017) and 3x State runner up (2011, 2009, 2005); over 340 career victories; 40+ players have gone on to play in college and over a dozen have played professionally.

"The name of the game is pitching, and success in this game is directly dependent upon your pitching staff!"
— Mike Woods, Head Coach Hamilton High School, Chandler AZ. 3x Arizona State Champions and 2x State Runners-up.

In this essential component of Coaching the High School Player, coach Mike Woods leads you through a step-by-step approach proven to create pitching success by drilling in the finer points.

Woods reveals Hamilton High School's daily progression program for pitchers, a program designed to keep pitchers' arms healthy while training them for consistency. This throwing program employs 11 flat-ground progression drills that key in on the most important elements of throwing mechanics — from head to toe.

Coach Woods also provides valuable insight into training pitchers to throw curve balls correctly and effectively. He shares 4 daily, progressive drills that train everything from grip to delivery. He even reveals a clever "double-ball" training device you can make yourself in minutes and that promotes the most effective 12-6 rotation.

Woods closes the video with his daily-9 pick off drills that will stop runners in their tracks — with back picks, snap throws, inside moves, timing moves, and more. He also demonstrates an ingenious drill that works picks to first, second, and third simultaneously.

Coaching The High School Pitcher is an excellent choice for any coach or player who wants to consistently throw strikes with proper mechanics, keep their throwing arms healthy, and freeze runners on the base paths.!

52 minutes. 2011.

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