Coaching the High School Catcher

Coaching the High School Catcher
Coaching the High School Catcher
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  • Speed up glove-to hand transfers without sacrificing throwing accuracy
  • Master two effective stance positions and the movements associated with each
  • Develop catchers that are solid and soft at the same time
  • Maximize the use of the feet, legs, hips, chest, and hands in 28 progression drills that isolate each area, create highly effective mechanics, and produce extraordinary results
  • Speed up glove-to-hand transfers with 4-seam grips for accurate throws
with Mike Woods, Hamilton (Chandler, AZ) HS Head Coach;
6x Arizona High School State Champs (2003, 2004, 2008, 2014, 2016 and 2017) and 3x State runner up (2011, 2009, 2005); over 340 career victories; 40+ players have gone on to play in college and over a dozen have played professionally.

One of the most neglected positions in high school baseball also happens to be one of the most important — the catcher. In this essential video, high school coaching great Mike Woods delivers stand-out techniques for developing triple-threat catchers, effective at receiving, blocking, and throwing.

A perfect complement to his instructional videos for high school hitters and pitchers, this must-have volume delivers drills that your catchers can (and should) execute every day.

Utilizing 28 progression drills you can implement immediately (many with multiple variations), you'll quickly develop catchers that are "solid and soft", make your pitchers look great, hold low strikes in the zone, effectively catch and release with speed and consistency, block pitches on all parts of the plate (from both righties and lefties!), keep the ball close at all times, clear hitters when throwing to third, improve arm strength, balance, and overall mechanics, and who stand out as weapons in your battery.

This video contains all the tools you need to improve overall performance while developing play behind the plate that contributes to success on the mound — and all-around excellence on the field.

Great for coaches and athletes

56 minutes. 2011.

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