Coaching Self-Reliance Through Creativity, Motor Skills, Games & Problem Solving

Coaching Self-Reliance Through Creativity, Motor Skills, Games & Problem Solving
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Add creativity to your coaching to help your players adapt to different situations!

  • Learn how to develop motor skills through a number of avenues to create players who can handle disruption at any time
  • See how creativity is used to allow players to adapt to difficult situations on the volleyball court
  • Learn how to use balloons, hula hoops and tennis balls to teach players to be agile and react defensively using footwork and movement

with Louis-Pierre Mainville;
High Performance Manager for Ontario Volleyball Association;
Founder of Jump Volleyball Training;
former member of the Canadian Men's National Volleyball Team

Volleyball is a technically difficult sport to learn. Volleyball-specific skills are hard to acquire and the rebound nature of the sport adds to its complexity. For this reason, young athletes who've developed a variety of basic motor skills prior to learning volleyball are likely to be more successful in acquiring volleyball-specific skills.

We don't often think about volleyball being a 'creative sport,' but creativity is helpful for players' abilities to adapt to different situations defensively. Louis-Pierre Mainville, former captain for Team Canada, brings a unique perspective to adding creativity and motor skills to your volleyball practices.

Motor Skills and Drills

It's necessary to adapt in volleyball. Learning how to move your body, think about two things at once, balance and coordination are all necessary for a player to learn to adapt to different situations. Coach Mainville shows a variety of drills that simulate game-like situations, requiring rapid movement and motor skills. By spending 5-10 minutes on motor skills, your players will be better equipped to handle disruptions during a match

Motor Skill Games

Games are a great way to develop motor skills and make practices more enjoyable for your players. Coach Mainville does a great job of pushing players to problem-solve various defensive situations that require multiple ways to score from various positions.

These motor skills games can be short 1x1, 2x2 and multi-player games. They can also be individual challenges that involve a problem players have to solve. Games are played with a combination of one or many of the following: volleyballs, tennis balls, hoops, and balloons.

The sport of volleyball happens quickly. The more skills and creative abilities you've practiced before game time, the more likely your team will win the game.

Produced at the 2016 AVCA Annual Convention in Columbus, OH.

60 minutes. 2017.

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