Coaching High School Track & Field: Triple Jump

Coaching High School Track & Field: Triple Jump
Coaching High School Track & Field: Triple Jump
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  • Triple jump coaching made easy
  • Simple breakdown of the six phases of the triple jump
  • Triple jump training elements and detailed workout plans

with Will Freeman,
Grinnell College Head Track & Field and Cross Country Coach;
former Chairman of USA Track & Field Coaching Education,
30 Midwest Conference titles in cross country and track and field, has coached beginners to national champions and was named the NCAA Division III Central Region Coach of the Year in 2010

After a thoughtful presentation of "triple jumper characteristics," and how to identify the right athletes for this event, Will Freeman offers a detailed technical breakdown of the six phases of the triple jump. These include the: Approach, Takeoff Mechanics, The Hop, The Step, The Jump and The Landing. With instruction on specific areas to watch, Coach Freeman shows you how to spot common errors and how to suggest the athlete make the necessary corrections. Next he offers a list of the critical training elements for developing the triple jumper. Included with each element is a complete list of routines. Freeman explains how often to use these routines and which days to work them into the weekly training schedule. This leads right into the 12-15 week "Macrocycle" (Seasonal training plan), which he uses to break the high school season into three distinct seasonal segments. Freeman details the appropriate workload for each training segment and offers weekly and daily practice session breakdowns for each. Freeman's workout plans include suggested workloads, and recovery, and how to incorporate meets into your workout planning. Freeman concludes this presentation with a film analysis utilizing meet footage for a detailed look at the event.

72 minutes. 2006.

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