Coaching High School Track & Field: High Jump

Coaching High School Track & Field: High Jump
Coaching High School Track & Field: High Jump
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Product Description

  • Complete high jump technique and training guide
  • Single and double arm high jump takeoff instruction
  • Detailed high jump training routines and drill progressions

with Will Freeman,
Grinnell College Head Track & Field and Cross Country Coach;
former Chairman of USA Track & Field Coaching Education,
30 Midwest Conference titles in cross country and track and field, has coached beginners to national champions and was named the NCAA Division III Central Region Coach of the Year in 2010

In High Jump, Will Freeman begins with a look at how to determine which athletes are likely to become good high jumpers. Coach Freeman then provides a technical overview of the high jump progressing through the following segments: The Approach, Preparation for Takeoff, Arm Action into Takeoff (single and double arm), Penultimate Step Mechanics, Practicing the Penultimate Step, Takeoff Mechanics, Flight Mechanics and Error Correction. In addition, Freeman spells out a detailed training regiment including the Warm-up, Acceleration Speed, Lifting, Core Strength, General Strength Routines, Pillar Routines, Strength Routines, Medicine Ball Routines, Multi-Jump Exercises and High Jump-specific Drills. For each of these training inventories, Freeman offers detailed routines and drill progressions that you can easily implement into your program.

91 minutes. 2006.

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